What A Time To Be Alive In 2015

Advanced Sports & Entertainment Marketing - Danny Guzman

Three companies marketed themselves the best and why?

Apple- They have marketed themselves the best in 2015 with the way they release there products like iphones, apple watch, and apple music.

Nike- Has had a good year with all the shoes that are amazing. They also know what to do to make the customers happy

Reebok- Is underrated with what they did in 2015. With the help of UFC and Crossfit they marketed themselves one of the best ways in 2015

Two of the best and worst product


Yeezy Boost 350- Everyone tried to get their hands on these.

Apple Watch- Looked nice and Helped a lot of people in businesses.


Hoverboard- Really no point of these product.

Mustang 2015- Didn't look like a muscle car

Top Movies

Avengers- Really good movie to add for the next phase of Marvel Movies

Minions- Movie that came out in the summer for all ages.

Top two musical artists

Drake- Amazing year with his Mixtape early in the year then his Back to Back diss, Hotline Bling, and his album with Future

Adele- Sold 8.01 million album units

Name of the Top 5 List: of Music artists

1. Drake

2. Adele

3. Justin Bieber

4. Taylor Swift

5. Big Sean

New Year’s Resolutions

Personal improvement- Get Healthy and get strong

Family and friends- Everyone get along

School and the outside world- Graduate and go to college