Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Darnell 1st Grade

Dear Parent,

The kids enjoyed their field trip to Elves Tree Farm. We are so glad so many parents were able to attend.


This week’s spelling test will be a review of number words. The list includes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, friend* and have*. The two sentences are:

1. My friend put three bugs in a box.

2. We have five cats and seven dogs.


In math, we will continue our unit on money. Please practice sorting, discussing the difference, and adding similar coins. Once your child has mastered adding similar coins have them count sums of various coins.

Need a challenge with money:

Hairy Money

This is how I teach children how to count money. Watch the video below:

Social Studies

In social studies, we will continue our financial literacy unit by exploring goods and services and being consumer and producers.

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party will be held on Friday, December 18th at 11:30. We will eat sack lunch at 11:00 in the cafeteria and then will come back to the classroom to begin our celebration. We will be decorating Gingerbread Houses for our party. Please remember to send your items for the Gingerbread Houses as soon as possible so we can make sure we have enough to decorate. We also need a few volunteers to send cupcakes and juice boxes. Your child’s room mom or teacher will be contacting you.

The following items are what your teacher needs each child to bring.

Mrs. Cavender’s class: 1 bag of round, holiday candy (cinnamon disks, peppermints)

Mrs. Cooper’s class: packages of Fruit Stripe gum, Big Red, or any other colorful candy

Mrs. Mosby’s class: 1 large bag of M&M’s

Mrs. Roddy’s class: 1 package of Red Hots

Mrs. Darnell’s class: 1 package of gum drops

Mrs. Martin’s class: 1 box of Graham crackers

***If you have any leftover colorful Halloween candy that would be great to send also.

Your child also needs to send a 100 piece puzzle. The boys will bring boy like puzzles and girls will bring girl like puzzles. Please make sure they are wrapped and labeled to a boy or to a girl and from your child. You may send them to school as soon as you would like but no later than December 16th

IMPORTANT DATES please mark your calendars:

December 11th - PTA Movie NIght - Inside Out 6:30 pm

December 18th – Christmas Party and early release 1:05 pm

December 21st - Jan 4th – Christmas Break

Have a terrific week!

Thank you,

Mrs. Darnell