Healthy eating at Hewson PS

There are other things more healthy than pizza

Healthy eating is going to start at Hewson PS

Pizza day in Hewson is going to change. Instead of pizza day were going to have salad day. We want salad day because salad is more healthy than pizza. Salad is healthy because it has a mixture of fruits and vegetables. You can even choose what you have in your salad. (Optional Tomatoes, celery, carrots, broccoli, apples, salad dressing, croutons ). You will also get lettuce. You can also get a drink such as juice.

Every Friday at 12:40 we'll have salad day

Salad day would be in every class from grade 1-5. In order to get a salad you have to sign a form with $5. If you sign the form and pay you will get a salad every Friday for a month.

Some salad pictures

Drive Thru - Kohl's Healthy Kids 30 sec Commercial

The salad is going to be tastey


If you buy a salad it's going to be a treat. It's tasty and healthy and a salad every Friday for a month for only $5 is not only cheap but it's good. If I were you I would skip the pizza for a tasty and healthy salad.