Asleep In My Fuzz

Music Is An Escape By:Hollyann Clevenger

A Brief History of Socks

  • Sock weren't actually made from cloth in the beginning, they were originally made from animal skins and were invented in the Stone Age
  • In 2 A.D. the Romans finally made cloth socks
  • In Medieval Europe the "leggings" became shorter and are now called, "breeches"
  • In the 20th century the socks we know and love today
  • The Bureau of Missing Socks was founded August 1, 1861

A Day In The Life Of..... Adele

Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healing

Dear Diary,

My writers are here at the house trying to come up with something that'll knock the socks off of the public, showing I still got my stuff. Even if just a little over two years ago, I gave birth to my joy, Angelo. Simon left this morning on business, so it's just me, Angelo, and my writers.

I do hope Simon comes home soon. I miss him dearly when he leaves and I wish sometimes that he would just stay home. But we are busy, busy people.

I've noticed that he left his most comfortable,fuzz covered socks.


Dear Diary,

I told my writer to go home. I put Angelo to sleep and know I will. I'll sleep with Simon's socks. And I'll be Asleep in my fuzz.


A Music Lover In Me

I can relate to socks as a covering from the outside world, like music. I'm a music freak and when ever the world needs to be muted I mute it with music. Music to me is my escape. My highway from hell. (I don't think this counts as cussing.) The notes, I can see them swimming on the staff. And the voices, I can see them become crisp and sweet. And the music. Beats dropping, and a climax of a symphony of instruments come together to give you chills. So yeah, I'll be listening to music, when I'm asleep in my fuzz.