A shot to the head

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Backround info

Kennedy was born into a rich boston family. he had a very interesting childhood that included him going to prestige private schools, large summer homes, and he loved riding on the families sailboats. He had eight other siblings and of course his parents Rose and John Kennedy.
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The election of 1960

The election of 1960 was won by one of the smallest margins in history. John Kennedy the democrat nomination and Richard Nixon won the Republic nomination. The election of 1960 was won by john Kennedy because he was the younger and far more attractive than Richard Nixon because of his looks policies and his vice president from the south, He was able to attract southern, african american, and the female votes. This allowed Kennedy to win but still by a very small margin.

The New Frontier

The economy in 1960 was in a recession with 5.5 million people unemployed and incomes of farmers had decreased by as much as 25%. Kennedy wanted to focus on the business and housing sectors and also increase the minimum wage to create a economic boom that would last until the late 1960's. However Kennedy was only able to get the minimum wage increased. Kennedys other policies would not pass because of the lack of support he had in congress. His biggest success was that he was able to move the civil rights movement along by getting James Meredith to be enrolled by Ole Miss and proposed a civil rights act that got passed after his death.
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The Magic Bullet

Jfk was assassinated at 12:30 on friday, November 22,1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot twice and fatally wounded while riding with texas governor John Connally and their wives. He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald and the magic bullet a single bullet wounded John Connally in 4 different areas. there are many conspiracy theory's about the assassination of JFK as no one wanted to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone.