Welcome to Summer School 2016!

Jun 07, 2016

"A strong spirit transcends rules." Prince

Principal: A. LaNelle Staples



Receptionist: Monica Rios mrios@bisdtx.org

Nurse: Mary Sampson msamspon@bisdtx.org

Dyslexia Interventionist: Melissa Hannah mhannah@bisdtx.org

M-F 7:30-10:00

What are your hours?

Monolingual K-4: Monday-Friday 7:30-12:30 June 7-June 24, 2016

Bilingual PK/K: Monday-Friday 7:30-3:00 June 7-July 1, 2016

It's summertime! Are shorts appropriate?

I know it's summer and the rain has subsided, but we are still BISD employees. The same policy still applies however jeans are acceptable each day.

So please, ladies...no Daisy Dukes!

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What are my expectations?

I expect students to be engaged in learning. This is an opportunity to have gaps in learning filled. Curriculum has been provided, but by own means put your spin on it to engage your students. Make learning fun!

What will Day 1 look like? Organized chaos to say the least!

All on Duty Day 1:

Buses: Adams, Burchett, Camargo, Perkins, Schlabach

STARS: Willoughby

Cafe: All others

Staples, Rios, Hannah, Sampson will check class lists and register new students.

There will be grade level signs on tables so students (and parents) know where to sit each morning.

BISD feed students under the age of 18 for free, so be mindful that students from neighboring day cares, STARS, as well as CRCA will be utilizing the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch.

All staff is expected to eat with their class on Day 1.

(Refer to Master Schedule in first day folder for additional expectations)

Make sure you know how each student gets home. Transportation will tag your students with the bus number on day on ONLY. Take note of how they get home so you can put them on the correct bus going home.


Follow duty schedule in Day 1 folder.

Have students picked up by 7:55.

Mrs. Hannah will pull dyslexia groups beginning Day 2.

What's new this year? Attendance!

Attendance must be taken in Skyward by 9:00 each day.

Attendance must be taken in Skyward by 9:00 each day.

What time is attendance to be taken daily? You guessed it. Each day by 9:00 am!

Login to Skyward, find Summer School list...this will be ready for you by Wednesday.

(See Monica if you need additional assistance.)

Time sheets are included in your first day folder. Turn those in (to Monica or me) each Friday before leaving.

If you have to miss a day, YOU are responsible for securing a sub.Text, call, or email me and provide the name of your sub. I have shared the Google Sheet with BISD approved subs, and I have included a hard copy in the first day folder.

Need copies? The code in the workroom is 1524.

Also included in your first day folder is the Master Schedule and Daily Duty schedule. The playgrounds are marked little and big so please take notice.

That's all for now!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know.