ManaL Algeri

MARK - 311

Marketing Research

  • Attempts to understand and explain consumer behavior, so that companies could align their marketing strategy with consumer needs , and attract more customers - more profits!
  • For company't to prosper, they need to regularly monitor their business outcome in order to identify weaknesses and improve them.

In Mark 311 – Our client: Nature Yoga, a small Yoga business in Chicago

  • We first developed an understanding of the market they operate within.
  • we conducted a research a process and communicated our findings directly to them.

Through our research process I was able to:

  • learn new research strategies and improve them throughout the process.
  • Measure and understand our research outcome.
  • Communicate our findings directly and clearly.

I believe we aided Nature Yoga in gaining insight on how to grow and prosper their business by helping them understand:

  • Their target market.
  • New areas for potential opportunities.
  • New ways to improve their current business activities.

Motivation throughout the Research Process:

My Motivation for this research project has increased gradually since day one. The idea of working directly with real clients and in a setting similar to the real world - added an interesting aspect to the whole experience. As the semester came to an end. I realized how valuable the work we did and how it’s strongly connected to the overall industry of marketing research.

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  • As a marketing research team, our ultimate responsibility is to ensure reliability of collected data.
  • All team members honored the ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research states, which guided us through this research process and held each team member to the highest standards.

In accordance with Loyola’s Mission statement "expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith.”

I believe I had the opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge while working throughout this process. Taking marketing Research as one of my final classes before graduation has been very rewarding. I learned a lot about research and how to expand our knowledge as humans. This course has definitely opened my eyes to new areas of business and also provided me with a solid foundation that will help me start my career in the business industry-not only in marketing but also in all business fields.

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