Grassland Biome

Traditional biome

Why are the grasslands considerate a" Traditional biome"?

The grasslands are considerate a "Traditional biome" because they are usually formed between deserts and forest.

What are grasslands?

* south Africa is divided into 9 biomes (large ecological community having plants and animals which have adapted to the conditions to which they live) that share certain ecological and climatic characteristics. The grasslands form the biggest of these biomes covering about a third of a country.

* The grassland biome does not contain only grass species, in effect only one of six grass species in the grassland biome are grasses. The remainder are bulbous plants that include arum lilies, orchids, and more.

* Other species, habitats and ecosystems forming an important part of the grassland biome are, riverine and wetland system.


Temperate Grasslands are located north of the tropical cancer(23.5 degrees north) and south of tropical capricorn (23.5 degrees south). The major temperate grasslands include the veldts of Africa, The pampas of south America, The steppes of Eurasia, and the plains of North America.