My Family Traditions

By: Kelly Norris


Every Holiday we get together as a family and have dinner.

Appenzeller Christmas

Usually my aunts from Kentucky and Ohio come down and occasionally my aunt from Nevada comes down with her kids. On Christmas morning we get up and open presents and then my uncle Johnny and my grandma come over for breakfast. Later that night we get together at my grandma's and bring the presents for everybody and we have dinner and then open presents.

Norris Christmas

Christmas Eve

Usually we all get together some weekend after Christmas and we have a Norris family Christmas. Before my grandma died we would go to her church and have a candle light service on Christmas eve. Then we would go to my aunt Julie's house and have dinner. My cousins would come down from Chicago and St. Louis, and we would have a mini Christmas.


On Thanksgiving we would have the dinner at my house and my Grandma Jane would come down from Bloomington and have dinner with us. My aunts and cousins would also come down.


On somebody's birthday we would have a family party at somebody's house usually mine. We would have Grandma Marj bake a cake and my mom would make the other food. In the summer we swim and hang out. In the winter the men watch sports and the women cook and the kids play in the basement.

Spring Break.

During spring break we go down to Destin, Florida and stay at my aunts house or a condo. It's usually my mom, dad, brother, and grandma. We always go to the same restaurants.

First Week of Summer

We go down to Alabama and visit my grandma's side of the family. We have cook outs every night and we go to the beach everyday. We also go boating and fishing with our cousins.

Veterans Day Weekend

My mom and I go to my cousins house in Nashville and we spend the weekend walking around downtown Nashville and some of the cities outside of Nashville. We usually go to Margaritaville and then we walk around to different bars to listen to the bands playing.

When I'm older

When I'm older I will probably go to my parents house and spend the holidays there. Or we might go to my house or my brother's. I will also come down every year and celebrate my mom and dad's birthdays. My dad also said if i go to Alabama for college they will go to every game.