Home Of The Brave

By: Sydney Postma

Social Issue

The social issue in the Home Of The Brave is that Kek is learning new things just to try to get to his mother. For example Kek has to learn how to get around in there city, Kek is not use to going in a bus (or knowing what a bus is). All Kek wants to do is get back to his mother.


How I can become a advocate by supporting Kek for him finding his mother and giving him some courage to do it. I did believe that Kek could find his mother and for him to go through all of that stuff he did not know how to do. For example he thought that a washer was going to wash dishes.


Kek changed from beginning from end was in the beginning he did not have a much courage and from the end Kek was ready to fly of on a flying boat to go find his mother. That is a lot of courage.