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Oakdale's Monthly Newsletter - September 4, 2020

The mission of the Westside Community School District, as an innovative educational system, is to ensure academic excellence and to serve the unique needs of all of our learners.

Oakdale Elementary’s mission is to ensure academic excellence and to serve the unique needs of all learners.

Message from the Principal

Dear Oakdale Families,

As the weather begins to cool off, we are reminded that although some things remain the same (like the changing of the seasons) some things are very, very different. This year, we have embarked on a momentous effort to educate our students both in class and remotely. There are certainly some similarities and big differences in our current situation of how we have taught and how our students have learned. I am so proud of our school community as I weave in and out of our classrooms each day. I am inspired by the engaging teaching and learning I see occurring between our teachers and our students.

I would like to express a huge thank you to the entire Oakdale staff, parents, students, and community for helping get this year off to a great start. Thank you all for your patience, flexibility, and partnership during our first weeks of school. This school year cannot be a success without your ongoing dedication and support for your learner. We have been working extremely hard to make a positive learning experience for all.

I also want you to know we understand these are difficult times and the effects of COVID-19 make it more challenging for us to connect in traditional ways. The Oakdale Staff will do our best to continue to share information throughout the school year by using emails, phone calls, newsletters, weekly updates, and our Oakdale Website. We are here to listen and help one another as a school community, so please feel free to call or email anytime throughout this school year. Please know we are committed to supporting our students and families because we are truly stronger together!

Mr. Jagels

No School - Monday, September 7th - Labor Day

Next Week: School for Group A (last name A-K) is on Tuesday/Wednesday. With no school on Monday due to Labor Day, students who usually attend Monday and Tuesday will attend Tuesday, September 8th, and Wednesday, September 9th. We appreciate your flexibility as we continue with our YELLOW schedule.

No School - Monday, September 21st - Staff Development Day

Monthly High 5 Drawing

To kick off the school year, Mr. Williams offered to play a game of 500 with the winners of this month's High 5 Drawing. Congratulations to Reznor P. in Mrs. Pontious' room and Luke S. in Mrs. Schmitz's room. They, and three of their friends, were able to play a little football today with our resident football expert, Mr. Williams.

Be on the lookout for September's High 5 Drawing - golf with Mrs. Schmitz! Way to go Oakdale students!

Parent Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher Communication Meetings will be held the week of October 11th with a dedicated meeting day on Thursday, October 15th. These meetings will not be held in-person at school. Rather, teachers will communicate with parents via a Webex video meeting, phone call, or email. To help schedule these important communication meetings, a letter will be sent home with students asking parents to select a time frame and mode of communication that works best for them. Group B students - please check your backpacks today for this letter. Group A students - please check your backpack next Tuesday for this letter. All letters should be returned to the classroom teacher by Friday, September 11th, to allow teachers time to create a schedule for there meetings. Thank you!

Virtual Learning Resources for Parents

Our Technology Department has created a parent/guardian resource page on our Area66 website which has parent guides and other valuable information to familiarize you with the tools your student(s) is/are using: https://area66.westside66.org/parent-resources-for-digital-learning-elementary/

Beginning of School Reminders

  • The instructional day begins at 8:30 am. Doors open at 8:20 am for arrival and time to check in at the classroom. Please try to arrive as close to 8:20 as possible to help your child start their day off right.
  • Please do not block intersections while dropping off or picking up your student. Particularly the Early Childhood Parking lot.
  • If you are bringing a forgotten item during the school day, due to current visitor restrictions and the need to social distance, we have created a drop zone in the front vestibule. When you arrive, please press the buzzer and we will let you into the vestibule to drop off your item. We will then call your student down to pick it up.

Reminder: Please Complete the Daily Health Screener

Please remember to complete our health screener each day before your child attends in person. This helps our school and district to provide a safe learning environment.

Interim Restrictions for Visitors

Access to Oakdale will be limited to current students, current staff, approved vendors and contractors, and invited visitors with administrative approval. Until further notice, no other visitors will be permitted.

Attention Fifth Grade Families - Band sign-ups!

Calling all Westside 5th Graders - now is the time to join Westside's award winning Instrumental Music program! Sign up is going on now through Sept. 7. Information about band and string instruments, as well as the sign up form, can be found in your Google classroom! Questions? Contact us through email or at your school! We can't wait to make music with all of you this school year! Mrs. CJ (carpenter.gail@westside66.net) and Dr. Meints (meints.kenneth@westside66.net)

Food Backpack Program

The Omaha Food Bank offers The Backpack Program to students at our school. The Backpack Program provides ingredients for healthy meals for children for the weekend. These meals include protein, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. All of the food is child friendly (no preparation needed) and shelf stable. The food is delivered to the school for children to bring home in a bag.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Mrs. McPadden, school psychologist, at mcpadden.mary@westside66.net.

Oakdale Calendar

With situations changing frequently, this year's events calendar will be primarily digital, to allow us to update regularly. You can use your favorite calendaring software to subscribe to our Oakdale Public Calendar by visiting our calendar section of our website. Use the .ics file for applications like Calendar on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or use the Google Calendar Subscription for other platforms.

Mask Maintenance

All in-person students have received 3 masks. We encourage families to wash masks regularly. While we know that wearing masks can be difficult, it is a critical part of how we are able to be in school. Thank you for your continued support for helping us keep Oakdale a safe environment.

Refillable Water Bottles

To prevent the spread of germs and viruses we are asking all students to bring a refillable water bottle. Bottle fillers are available throughout Oakdale. If students forget their water bottle we will have a small supply of extra water bottles at the front office.

After School Plans

We understand that student pickup plans may occasionally change. To ensure all students are accounted for at the end of each day we ask that families make their best attempt to use a typical mode of pickup on most days. In the event that you need to pick your child up via a different method than usual, we ask that a parent call the office at least 30 minutes before the end of the school day. The office will notify the student and their teacher of this change of plan.

Approving a Child to Go Home with Another Child's Parent:

In the event that you would like to approve your child to go home with another child's parent we need contact from both you and the other child's parent. This can be in the form of a note, email, or phone call to the office. Staff will not dismiss your child to another child's parent without prior contact, preferably to the main office so that this can be communicated to others (Classroom Teacher, Club66, etc).

Safety Update

Westside Community Schools uses a safety protocol at the K-12 level called the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Area schools and local law enforcement agencies have adopted this language across the metro.

Key Terms:


  • During a lock-out situation, there isn’t an immediate threat inside the building, rather there may be a reasonable threat in the area. During a lock-out situation, school will remain in typical operating procedures (inside) but no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building.


  • During a lockdown situation, there is an immediate threat inside the building. Students and staff are instructed to lock the classroom doors, shut off the lights, and move to a secure area of a classroom that cannot be seen from the hallway.

Reunification location

  • In the unfortunate event of a crisis resulting in an evacuation of our school, the reunification location is at the Community Conference Center at 108th and Grover. School buses will take our students to the reunification site.

We will practice and teach the procedures throughout the school year. If you have any questions please call Mr. Jagels at 390-6460.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Due to changes in the way school looks and feels as well as the world around us, we know Social Emotional Learning will be a critical part of children's time at school. Teachers will be infusing even more lessons than last spring to help support students in managing thoughts and feelings during this confusing time.

In addition, this year we have expanded our curriculum, SecondStep, to include their Bullying prevention program.

If your child is experiencing particular difficulties (whether related to the pandemic or other life circumstances) and you would like to explore options for additional support we encourage you to contact our School Psychologist, Mrs. McPadden (mcpadden.mary@westside66.net) who can help in coordinating additional supports and resources.

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Lunch at Oakdale

We have a computerized meal program in operation in our district that allows parents to maintain an account for their child’s meal charges. Each student has their own account. When students go through the food line, the price of the breakfast, lunch, or any extra items such as extra pizza or extra milk is subtracted from their account. Students on free lunch may keep money in their account to pay for extra food items which are not included in the free lunch program.

Lunch Costs

The cost for a school lunch this year is $2.50 (40¢ for reduced) and $4.10 for adults. Extra milk or bottled water can be purchased for 50¢ per bottle. Breakfast is $1.60 for students (30¢ for reduced) and $2.60 for adults.

To deposit money into your child’s account you may bring a check or cash to the office, or you may go to westside.getlunchtray.com and go to District Links. We do send a letter daily to any student whose account has become overdrawn. Please check your email, spam folder and MySchoolBucks account for your child's lunch balance. We need to have negative balances at zero or positive balances. This balance carries over to the next year.

Running Late

Please let the office know if you are running late or have a morning appointment for your child. If your child plans on eating lunch from the cafeteria that day, PLEASE call and or email your child's lunch choice before 9 am.

Lunch Visitors - Currently Unavailable

Due to current health efforts lunch visitors will not currently be allowed.

Check out Westside Community Schools Online Lunch Menu!


MTSS - Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Westside Community Schools continues the implementation of MTSS, which stands for Multi-Tiered System of Supports. This year more than ever, due to the effects of COVID on education and instruction over these past 5 months, MTSS in Westside assures that we regularly monitor student skills and progress and follow-up with providing students what they need to be successful in learning. Right away in August and September this means that we first assess all students to determine their current skill levels, group students, and plan our instruction to meet their needs.

What is MTSS? MTSS is a framework for providing instruction and support to promote the academic and behavioral success of all children. Individual children’s progress & skills are measured, and these results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention. The MTSS process is flexible and allows for a continuum of supports designed to meet the needs of individual students. This support may be provided in a large or small group by the classroom teacher or other support staff, either within or outside the classroom.

What does this mean for my child? A key component of the MTSS process is that all children receive high quality instruction in their classroom. Universal screenings are brief tests used to measure the progress of all students and are given three times per year. As a result of the screenings, students may be identified as needing some degree of supplemental intervention in addition to the instruction they are receiving in their classroom. If your child is identified as needing intervention you will be notified. Please contact your child’s building principal with questions.

Nebraska Reading Improvement Act: The Nebraska Reading Improvement Act went into effect at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. The goal is that all Nebraska students are able to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. This is accomplished by ensuring all students have access to high-quality instruction and for struggling readers to receive targeted support (intervention). Our current MTSS framework in Westside Community Schools already allows for us to meet these state requirements.

*We understand the disruption COVID has caused in the educational system. We continue to use research-based high quality instructional practices to meet the needs of all students to as great of an extent as the current pandemic situation allows. We are adapting as we progress throughout the year. The more students continue to read, review math facts, and write/journal each day at home, in addition to their instruction from school, the more secure their skills may become.

Oakdale Community Club

Click the button above to go to the Oakdale Community Club Website

Oakdale Merchandise Sales

Purchase your limited edition Oakdale Merchandise by visiting the Oakdale Community Club website (click the link above) and selecting Spirit Wear. There are t-shirts, patches, and signs available for purchase. The deadline to order is September 12th. Please get your order in early!
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Important - Oakdale Pandemic Traffic Procedures

Due to the need to de-densify, student drop off and pick up will be at grade level locations this year. Please review the procedures and map by clicking the box above or reading below for important updates to our pick up and drop off procedures.

Safety Patrol Schedules - Groups A and B

Please click the photos below to view or download the next two weeks of Safety Patrol schedules for both Groups A and B.
Snacks and Treats

Click the button above to view the approved snack list for 2020-2021.

What We Do in the Event of Weather

We are lucky in Nebraska to get to enjoy all 4 seasons. This also means that at times the weather gets in the way of our fun and plans. Below is a brief description of our procedures when the weather is not cooperating:

Temperature: So long as temperatures are between 10° and 95° (feels like or actual temperature), students will be outside for recess, arrival, dismissal, safety patrol, and other outdoor activities.

Rain: When rain is heavy enough that students would get considerably wet, or when there is thunder or lightning, students will be kept inside or brought inside. In addition, if conditions have been such that fields are muddy, access to dirt and grass areas may be restricted as well as playground equipment if it is deemed too slick for safe play.

Severe Weather: If the National Weather Service issues a Thunderstorm Warning students are kept inside. In the event of a Tornado Warning, students are moved to our area of refuge in the kindergarten and preschool rooms in the south side of the building. Families coming to the school during this time are encouraged to take shelter with us until the warning has passed.

Important Dates


September 7: No School - Labor Day

September 10: Don & Millie's Night

September 15: Community Club Meeting @ Tanners, 120 & Pacific

September 21: No School for Students

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Notice of Nondiscrimination

Westside Community Schools does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, age, marital/parental status, military/veteran status or any other category protected by law in its programs and activities or in admission or access to, or treatment in, hiring and employment, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

The following District personnel have been designated to coordinate compliance and can address inquiries about the District’s nondiscrimination policies and procedures:

For questions or concerns by students, parents or others:

• Coordinator of Student Services/Title IX Coordinator – ABC Bldg. 909 So. 76th St. Omaha (402) 390-2100 E-mail: titleixcoordinator@westside66.net

• Director of Special Services/ADA & 504 Coordinator (disability/accommodation) ABC Bldg. 909 So. 76th St. (402) 390-2100 E-mail: ADAcoordinator@westside66.net

For questions by District employees or applicants:

• Ass’t Supt. for Human Resources/Lead Title IX Coordinator - 909 So. 76th St. Omaha, NE (402) 390-2100

Welcome to Oakdale Elementary - Home of the Tigers


The mission of Oakdale Elementary School is to ensure academic excellence and to serve the unique needs of all learners.

Oakdale's Expectations

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