by Emily Skorupinski

Adults and Childern.

Data from 2009-2010 indicates that over 78 million U.S adults and 12.5 million childern and adolescents are obese. Recents reports project that by 2030, half of all adults (115 million) in the United States will be obese.

For childern with disabilities, obesity rates are approximately 38% higher than childern without disbilities. For the adult population, obesity rates with adults with disabilities are 57% higher than for adults without disabilities.

Many are suffering mentally and physically from obesity. It distroys many lives every year. We need to start promoting healthier life styles for adults and for childern.

Obesity can be prevented!

You can prevent obesity by...

  • Follow a healthy eating plan. Make healthy food choices.
  • Focus on protion size. Cutting back on portion size will help you balance energy IN and energy OUT
  • Be active
  • Reduce screen time. Limit the amount of time you're on you computer or whatching Tv
  • Keep track of your weight.