JUNE 10, 2019

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“Achieving in the Middle” is our initiative aimed to improve academic achievement in 24 Dallas ISD Middle Schools by creating, refining, and supporting best-in-class systems for leading and learning.

In this week's edition:

Please read this week's newsletter for reflections from the AIM ILT Kick-off and updated logistics for the AIM Principal Training June 11-13, 2019. Have a great week and please reach out if you have any questions.
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AIM ILT Kick-off Review & Reflections

AIM ILT Kick-off Review

Dallas ISD's AIM Achieving in the Middle Initiative kicked off with a thunderous, cheerful start with an opening performance by the Pinkston Drumline and the Stockard Dazzling Jewels. Dallas ISD is closing the performance gap, yet middle school performance is lagging. The mission of the AIM Initiative is leading transformation of Dallas ISD middle schools as models of excellence through inspired, college ready performance. 24 middles schools have been selected as AIM campuses which have been granted extra staff for support such as counselors, administrators, and a new position, Instructional Lead Teacher (ILT). Instructional Lead Coaches (ILCs) delivered high impact professional development to ILTs and strategically selected staff members from the 24 middle schools to create, refine, and define best-in-class systems centered around leading positive school culture and designing professional learning communities that utilize the Get Better Faster protocols to increase student achievement. With additional staffing and training in AIM middle schools, Dallas ISD is building leader and teacher capacity while providing multiple levels of support for closing the achievement gap in middle schools. The goal of AIM is to ensure that campuses create strong, values aligned Curb to Classroom culture that captures students at the middle level during the “make or break” years for college readiness during grade level education.


"I have a lot of work to do to prepare for the role of ILT and now I have the tools to get it done."

-Aaron Kristin, Gaston MS

"Teachers may feel awkward, embarrassed or frustrated by the need to follow protocols, but if we can get them to try it, I really think they will convert to see the value and benefit of the best practices we've learned and practiced this week."

-Marnie Tao, Medrano MS

"Whew lawd!! We are gonna be BUSY next year, but I appreciate that everything is tied to each other, and things were presented to us in a very logical manner. Everything seemed well planned, and executed, and I really appreciate the time and effort yall put into making this training excellent!"

-Seth Folkenroth, Stockard MS

"Middle schools in DISD will see gains in data if this is done with fidelity."

-Michael Padgett, Marsh MS

AIM Principal Training: June 11-13, 2019

In preparation for the Principal training this week, here is some general logistical information for you:

  • Please read Bain & Company Distributed Leadership Article linked here.
  • Here are a few logistics for you:

    • Training will be held in Room 613 at 9400 NCX
    • Sessions will be June 11-13th from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    • June 13th: Work-time with EDs to prepare for the AIM Kick-off sessions that will happen in the afternoon with Principals and their leadership teams. APs and other leadership team members that you want to be part of the kick-off to the Leadership Team should plan to be present on June 13th in the afternoon.

      You will need technology: charged laptops AND headphones.
    • Lunch will be provided
    • Here is the schedule for the training:
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Please bring the following items with you to training:

Based on the material that will be covered in the Principal training, you will need digital copies of all of these documents in draft version for training:

  • Principal Weekly Calendar Template
  • Completed Staff List
  • Approved Master Schedule
  • Org Chart
  • Floor plans
  • A - Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • CIP
  • Annual Calendar (with PLC, PD sessions, PTSA, SBDM, Meeting Cycles, etc.)
  • Classroom environments non-negotiable checklist
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Weekly Learning: Distributed Leadership

"The opportunity is clear: We need to commit to models of 'distributed leadership' in our schools that establish a cadre of talented educators in each building who have end-to-end responsibility for the development of the teachers on their teams."

Read more of this article from Bain & Company here.

Principals: Please read this article prior to your AIM Professional Development days in June. Thank you!

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“There are many leaders, not just one. Leadership is distributed. It resides not solely in the individual at the top, but in every person at every level who, in one way or another, acts as a leader to a group of followers- wherever in the organization that person is, [lead custodian, athletic director, ILT, AP or principal.]"

-Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee