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Dr. Bill Daggett - Innovation and Tranformational Leadership Network

Dartmouth Public Schools has been accepted into the Innovation and Transformational Leadership Network headed by the Association of School Superintendents (AASA). Dr. Bill Daggett, keynote speaker from PD Day 2018, is heading this network and his work is at the core of the project. The Innovation and Transformational Leadership Network is a year long network comprised of 15 districts across the country who will work together throughout the year. The focus is to collaboratively study best practices, apply principals of innovation to their district-wide planning and work, and reflect on the practices and outcomes.

The ultimate goal of DPS participating in this network is to expand and enhance the future focused mindset in our district. This mindset leads to instructional practices that empower students through creative and critical thinking, collaboration and communication and be successful in an ever changing world. This is another support to continue and build upon our movement towards, personalized blended learning and project based lessons/units.

Dartmouth Public Schools' Team consist of the following members:

Dr. Bonny Gifford, Superintendent

Michelle Roy, Assistant Superintendent

Tracy Oliveira, Director of Teaching and Learning

Carl Robidoux, Associate Principal Dartmouth Middle School

Elizabeth Correia, Assistant Principal Demello School

Trisha Leary, Instructional Technology Specialist Quinn School

Kristen Martinho, Grade 1 teacher Potter School

We are also forming an Ambassador Innovators Team to work with this core team. The Ambassadors will support bringing the the future focused practices into the schools. The core team will be be studying best practices in face to face and virtual meetings. The Ambassadors will bring the classroom lens to our team by reviewing these practices with the core team. Together we will be ushering in transformation in teaching and learning in a slow and careful manner, one activity at a time, getting feedback to tweak our plans and thinking along the way.

Cardboard Challenge

Dartmouth Middle School is participating in the 3rd annual Cardboard Challenge. This challenge is part of a global event that has been running since 2012. Students are encouraged to create something, anything out of cardboard, glue, tape and ingenuity at home or school. All entries will be displayed Tuesday, October 9 in the DMS Library Media Center. Let the creative thinking and problem solving begin!

Serve on DESE MCAS Committees

Opportunity to Serve on MCAS Committees: Apply by October 5

We are looking for public school educators to serve as members of the MCAS Assessment Development Committees in ELA, mathematics, and science, and on the MCAS Bias and Sensitivity Committees. Committee members are directly involved in helping DESE develop MCAS test items.

The deadline to complete the online application is Friday, October 5, 2018. Please share this opportunity with colleagues who may be interested. We encourage educators who are of diverse backgrounds and/or teach students of diverse backgrounds to apply.

Something to Consider -- If your class was recorded for an entire week... whose voice would you hear more? Yours, or your students'?

The Importance of Student Voice

Enjoy this quick video with one easy strategy to increase student talk

Dot Day: Make Your Mark!

International Dot Day is observed annually on September 15th “ish”; inspired, by the book, “The Dot”, from author Peter Reynolds.

The book celebrates the power of creativity and bravery. In the story, young Vashti's teacher notices her student's frustration, but also her determination. She creatively inspires Vashti to be brave and “just make a mark and see where it takes you”.

International Dot Day is a time in which people of all ages are encouraged to take a risk and try something one has never done before, in order to discover new things about oneself. Harness one’s creativity! Be brave! Be a cheerleader for someone! “Make a mark on the world, and see where it takes you”.

Young Chemist

Standards in action - The Proof is in the Powder! Fifth graders became forensic scientists to solve a mystery by examining a chemical found at a crime scene. By careful observations and record keeping, they looked for signs of chemical changes such as formation of bubbles or a change in color or temperature to close the case! These Quinn Fifth graders are on the case!

Developing Readers and Writers

Grade 4 at Demello School, students debate big ideas from their classroom read aloud, Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. Mrs. Piazza’s readers are learning how read intensely and grow ideas about characters. In their independent reading books, Students are practicing how to notice what a character does or says in one part of a story will often connect to what happens in another part.
DMSCAST Episode 1

Welcome to DMScast! Dartmouth Middle School will now offer podcasts. Weekly episodes will share upcoming events, highlights and happenings. Please make sure to tune in. On this episode DMS' 4th Annual Family night is discussed.

Interactive Bulletin Boards

Some more standards in action! An Interactive Bulletin Board at Potter School has students stopping and thinking as they walk down the hall. The current board is titled "Which One Doesn't Belong?" The bulletin board has open-ended questions which allows students to explore math concepts without the constraints of selecting just one correct answer.

Classroom discussions support several Standards for Mathematical Practice including:

  • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
  • Look for and make use of structure
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively
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Annual Festival of Children's Books and Authors including Kevin Henkes, Gloria Jean Pinkney, Rosemary Wells, and David Wiesner to name a few. TIckets $5.00 at the door.

Technology and Writing

Students at DMS respond to literature using a Chromebook and Google Classroom. Student are writing about character traits and getting feedback on their reading and writing. Notice the decorated Chromebooks? Students decorated Chromebooks with things that inspire them, creating digital writers notebooks. One example of creative ways teachers use new technologies while embedding best practices.

Project TIME

Members of Project TIME are participating in a book study using Jon Saphire's book The Skillful Teacher. This book is designed as a practical guide for practitioners working to broaden their teaching skills. Both the novice and the experienced educator gain insight. The Skillful Teacher is a unique synthesis of the Knowledge Base on Teaching with powerful repertoires for matching teaching strategies to student needs. This month Project TIME teachers tackled Unit 1 Management. Mentees shared their thoughts about what part of Chapter 2, Teacher Beliefs, do they agree or disagree with? Also, they reflected on how the reading made them rethink or reconsider a belief? Feel free to add to Project TIME's padlet on Skillful Teacher Part 1 Management.

This Week in Math at DMS

This week in math at DMS students are learning a variety of topics. In 6th grade students are creating equivalent equations using the distributive property. In 7th grade students are starting a unit on integers and rational numbers. 8th grade is working on the slope intercept form of linear relations.

Attend an Ed Camp "Unconference"

Join your South Shore colleagues for a morning Ed Camp "Unconference" on Saturday, October 20 in Stoughton! This opportunity provides a venue for robust, topical discussions and problem tackling around areas of common interest in reading education. See the attached flyer for more information and to register for this unique event. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Kindergarten Writer's Workshop

In the Writer's Workshop kindergarten students are learning to say words slowly so they can write down all of the sounds that they hear. Thy also are encouraged to use writing "tools" like letter and word charts.

3D Printer Tables - Innovation Lab

Interns for the DHS Engineering Department, Mitchell Spell and Alex Vieira are learning on the job.. One task these Seniors are tackling is to designed a standing table for the new innovation lab at DHS. The only requirements Engineering teacher Sam Brodsky gave the boys were that it had to fit a a 3D printer and a laptop. Table designs were made using SolidWorks and VCarve and all of the pieces for the table will be cut out with our new Shopbot CNC machines. Check out some of their designs below and stop in to the Innovation Lab to see the finished project.

Staff Spotlight - Daniel Lefebvre

Name: Daniel Lefebvre

School/Postion: DMS Literacy Coach

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Education: BA in English, MA in Education w/secondary English focus

One goal I have achieved in my career so far that I feel most satisfied about: Getting more students and teachers excited about reading and writing!

A long term goal I am working toward: Getting EVEN MORE students and teachers excited about reading and writing! (And traveling to all 7 continents!)

Role model or someone who has had a great impact on my life: I’m a sponge. I try to learn something impactful from everyone I meet.

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be: I would return to China for a longer period of time.

If I could eat dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, it would be: William Shakespeare

Pet Peeve: Not. Even. Trying.

Favorite leisure time activity: exploring, and any other outdoor activities

Favorite books: Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Favorite bands: R.E.M., Mumford and Sons, and Cake

I think the world’s greatest invention is: smartphones (best & worst invention!)

My favorite motto or saying: Work hard, play hard.

What I like best about working at DPS: We have amazing students who discover new potential every day, and we have the most caring faculty I’ve ever met, who help them find and reach it.