K5A Friday Features

The Last Weekly Newsletter May 10

    I trust that you enjoyed our K5 program. The children worked very hard, and I am so proud of their work. If you ordered a program CD it is in your child’s backpack today.
              There is no need to return Friday folders, seatwork folders or anything else sent home today.
                School will start at 8:00 tomorrow as usual. We will have our End of the Year Breakfast from 8:30-9:15. The children are free to leave after 9:15.

                                        This is an exciting time as well as a sad time for me. I am thrilled with the progress that the children have made this year, but I will miss all of them. Each child has a special place in my heart.

                                            Thank you for a great year! I appreciate your support, encouragement, and involvement this year. You have been a wonderful help and I have enjoyed teaching your children! Thank you for giving me that privilege. I trust that you will have a restful summer with your family.

                                          Vacation Station Reminder

                                          I would like to make a suggestion for all Munchkindoodles for the summer.

                                          You will find it very advantageous to purchase Vacation Stations. This is a great review tool for your child this summer. You can find Vacation Stations at the Book Fair at the Main Building this week or at the Educator’s Resource Market just down from the Primary Center. Along with review of the Phonics Stories, service words, word family strips and Weekly Readers, Vacation Stations is a simple tool to aid the children in review so that they do not lose all the progress that they made this academic year.

                                          To help aid you and encourage the Munchkindoodles to accomplish this summer-long task, I would like to offer them a reward based on these rules:

                                          1. The student must complete the Vacation Station book in its entirety remembering that "Neatness counts."

                                          2. The student must complete the book with a good attitude, happy spirit and no "arguments" with parents.

                                          3. Parents must sign the front cover of the book documenting #1 and #2 have been accomplished. (This is at your discretion and is on the honor system.)

                                          4. The student must show the completed Vacation Station book to me at Back to School Night in August.

                                          The reward:

                                          I will allow the student to pick ANY item/items from the DoJo Store totally up to 100 points.

                                          I will also present them with a DoJo certificate of completion.

                                          I trust that this little incentive will help to encourage the goal of review and help keep their skills sharp over the summer.

                                          Happy Reviewing!


                                          Any video or pictures that are sent to you are for your personal enjoyment. For the safety of our students, we ask that they not be posted online or distributed in any way.

                                          Thank you for your kind understanding.