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Knowledge is the mission

When you donate or volunteer at Wikimedia you are giving to the world's largest collection of information. This information goes to educate billions of people worldwide. The Wikimedia family is operated by nearly 280 employees globally.


Everyone is able to add to the collection of knowledge! Collaboration is emphasized, this goes towards furthering the worldwide knowledge.


There is a chance that some of the information found on the wiki sites is inaccurate. Anyone can edit and articles are often un-cited. For this reason, Wikimedia has a transparency report. This is a site for users to request articles to be altered and taken down.

Our Knowledge Projects

Our Past Shortcomings

Server crashes have plagued the wiki family. Twice in 2010 massive crashes affected the global knowledge network. Since then, Wikimedia has upgraded bandwidth and capacity to ensure server security and operational power.

Your Contributions

All fundraising goes to improve technology, and pay the Wikimedia employees who keep the projects up and running. In short all funds come back to the people searching for knowledge.

Get Involved

You have a hand in supplying the world with knowledge, whether you add to our projects or you are interested in working for the foundation. Visit the foundation website to find more information on getting involved!