Call it Courage

Armstrong Sperry

Summary about the book?

In my book, Call it Courage, I am reading about a boy and a dog getting stuck on a island. The first thing that happens is the boy and the dog are on a boat in the ocean and he sees the island and he goes on the island to explore. He decides to stay there and he fishes with a pole he makes and he goes out on his canoe to fish. One day when he went out fishing there was a hammerhead shark. He sees the fin and goes back to shore and he can't go into the ocean until the shark leaves. He can't get food and he can't leave the island. In the end, the boy decides to go back home.

Quote me?

I have three quotes about the book and it is meaningful

my first meaningful quote is "I might want to stay here"

my 2nd quote is that the boy like's the island.

and last quote is that I think that the island look's big.


I want people interested in reading this book because it is talking about a boy and a dog surviving on a island and I think that other people will love reading this book. i liked it because it was an island theme like the Black Stallion and some other books that i have read and i chose this book because I like books about kids surviving with animals. I think the Black Stallion is a little better because the boy named Alex found a wild horse and they are in a horse race in the end.