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Principal's Message

As spring quickly approaches, so also is the upcoming release of our term 2 report cards. For the first time, we will begin emailing out all report cards to parents. Moving forward all our report cards will be emailed home.

Our Family Celebration of Learning event was a wonderful afternoon and we truly thank all our families for attending the event. We appreciate your partnership. Our students (your children) look forward to having their parents attend this event. Please take a moment and answer a single question survey regarding the Family Celebration of Learning event.

I want to take a moment and wish all our Elmdale families a wonderful, safe, and relaxing spring break!

Take care,

Mr. Colin Campbell

Principal: Elmdale School

Email: ccampbell@hsd.ca


Parents please take a moment and answer this question. Survey open March 1 and will close March 15 at 4pm

Phase 2 Elmdale Play Structure

Elmdale School in partnership with Elmdale's Parent Council are very excited to launch our first fundraiser to begin funding for the second phase of our play structure. On Friday March 4th, the oldest child in your family will bring home an order form envelope in their agenda. Please use this envelope to begin fundraising.

Please select this LINK to read more about the AWESOME prizes that our PAC has been able collect reward our students for fundraising.

NEW Parent Council Members Needed

Click on link for more details.

Grade 4 Choir Performance

Ms. Louise Redekop has selected twelve grade 4 students to attend a choir performance at Kleefeld School. Please listen below to a fantastic interview completed by Kate and Khearra.

User 919290152

Ms. Redekop Interview February 22, 2016 by User 919290152

3T Classroom Economy

Mr. Thiessen has introduced an interesting incentive based classroom management system into his classroom. This exciting management system allows students to earn and manage their money while having fun. Please watch the video below and listen to Karissa ask Mr. Thiessen to explain more about this classroom economy.
3T Classroom Economy

Elmdale Extravaganza Week March 21-24

NEW this year, Elmdale students will have an opportunity to participate in a fun week of dress up and a crazy hair day. These 4 days prior to spring break should provide students with enough fun and excitement to last a while.

Monday- Dress up Like a Superhero Day

Tuesday- Pyjama Day

Wednesday- Crazy Hair Day

Thursday- Dress up Like a Green Slip Day

The Kate and Khearra Show S1 E1

PrinciPal Award Winners for Building Confidence

Niel F. 1E; Ivan D 1J; Brock A. 1M; Honour K. 2F; Stella A. 2R; Opal J. 2T; Mckinley L. 3B; Danielle S. 3G; Divine L. 3T; Isabel M. 4D; Carl Junior F. 4M; Zoe B. 1E; Quinn K. 1J; Chaunte H. 1M; Nathan M. 2F; Darielle B. 2R; Faith R. 2T; Gadon W. 3B; Drayden A. 3G; Adam K. 3T; Bosch B. 4D; Abegail M. 4M.

Featured PrinciPal Winner Mckinley 3B
University Of Manitoba Robot Games

Click on link for more details.

HSD Nutrition Month

March is nutrition month in the Hanover School Division. To encourage healthy eating, during the week of March 21-24, we will randomly enter student names into a draw for additional gym time. For students to have their names entered in the draw, we encourage students to bring a serving of fruit or vegetables in their lunch.

Here is a link to additional health information from Southern Health:


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