Valley Street Jail

Why does it exist?

The Valley Street Jail serves as an area to hold people accused of crimes. They can have committed any crime, large or small, and will be held there.

What is life like for the inmates?

Life for the inmates is very regimented and controlled. Their lifestyle is a direct result of their behavior and the seriousness of their crime. They are assigned to cell blocks, that have no prisoner interaction between them. Some prisoners with more privileges can work at surrounding businesses, like dunkin' donuts. They make no money, but it is an escape from the bland jail life.

Jail or Prison?

Many people think that there is no difference between a jail and a prison, or they think that a prison is for more serious crimes. In fact, a jail can house people that have been accused of any crime, but haven't been convicted yet.

Prison Blocks

Each prison block has a certain number of cells, with a certain number of inmates. The prison blocks are separated from each other, in terms of prisoner interaction. This is to avoid fights between members of rival gangs, as well as people conspiring together. Each prison block is exactly the same in terms of layout, so the only difference between a low security block and a high security block is what privileges the prisoners have.