History of Spain

Spain was a country part of Russia before it had its own land. Spain is part of the Liberian peninsula surrounded by the Balearic and Mediterranean seas. Also, surrounded by the bay of bicay and the North Atlantic Ocean. Portugal neighbors Spain.

Brief history of the flag of Spain

The coat of arm on the flag of Spain represents the emblems of the traditional kingdoms of Spain. The pillars represents Hercules. The red and yellow on the flag are related to the ancient spanish kingdoms.

Capital and major cities of Spain

The capital of Spain is Madrid. Some major cities of Spain are Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, malaga, and Sevilla. Tourists should visit Madrid and Barcelona because of their soccer teams,and Zaragoza because of its name.


45% of Spain is covered by the meseta plateau. Much of Spain is bordered by a low and narrow coastal plain, one that separates the mountains from the sea.

Government type

Spain's government is a parliamentary monarchy.

Currency type

Spain's currency type are euros and they used the currency type of peseta before euros

Interesting facts

-Spanish cuisine is known for its paella ( a rice dish with chicken,seafood,and vegetables

-Spain's population is 45.8 million people

- Spain is also known for its tortilla (omelette with potatoes)