Aapo Maya Bahadur dead

The details on his death

Newly found victim

A male victim, identified as Aapo Maya Bahadur, 2900 years old, was found in a fallow field in the Yucatán peninsula near the Chichén Itzá on October 5, 850 AD. Trampling on the field leads detectives to believe that there had been a recent battle on the land. The special investigator said, "this death is another indication of how the Mayan Civilization was lead to its downfall."

Multiple causes of death have been unearthed

Evidence leads investigators to believe that there are multiple causes of death. These causes include spear marks that came from battles between cities, skull fracture because the state was politically fragmented, only traces of local food in his stomach because of trade disruption and therefore a hit to the economy, hair loss because the king had less power, gangrene that resulted from rapid migration from urban to rural areas, but the main reason seems to be the lack of forest which lead to erosion and therefore crops failed. The malnutrition that resulted from this chain of events was the main cause of death.