"Every artist was first an amateur"


Who am I??

My name is Hayley Krone. My self-esteem is average ,but could be improved. I like designing things/art ,and listening to music. I value family, purity, and religion. I can make people smile, and I'm very considerate about peoples feelings (sometimes). My learning style is intrapersonal.

My career as a Graphic Designer...

A graphic designer creates visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, or captivate consumers. The median annual salary is $44,150. The job outlook for this career is to grow 4%. Graphic Designing is in the Arts A/V Tecnology and Commuinication cluster. Most graphic designer's usually work full time, but schedules can vary depending on workload and deadlines.


I want to go to Full Sail University in Winter park, Florida. I would like this collage because it has all kinds of art programs that would fit to be a Graphic Desiner. It's in Florida, and i live in Arkansas so its a little far away but that's ok. In order to be a graphic designer i will have to get a Bachelors degree and Associate's degree at this university. I would like the emerging technology scholarship.