2016 Ford F-150

Car project by Jaime Villa

Part 1

Choosing the Ford F-150 and The Platinum Trim

I chose the 2016 Ford F-150 because of it's style and capability. I chose the Platinum trim because of the features that were included and because the Platinum trim offered luxury features that other trims for the F-150 did not have.

Features included with the Platinum Trim

  • Electronic 6 speed transmission

  • Fog lamps

  • Remote tailgate release

  • Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support

  • Internet connectivity

  • 360 degree camera with split view display

  • 8” productivity screen

  • Front seats heating and cooling

  • Lane keeping system

  • Electronic rear locking differential

  • Side mirrors- LED Security approach lamps

Part 2


  • MPG in the city: 15 mpg

  • MPG in the highway: 21 mpg

Engine,Transmission and Drive terrain

It comes equipped with a V8 Flex Fuel, 5.0 Liter engine and an automatic 6 speed transmission with select shift. It also comes with 4 wheel drive.

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Safety Features

Standard Airbags
  • Driver

  • Passenger

  • Front Head Curtain

  • Front Side

  • Rear Head Curtain

Other safety features

  • Inflatable Seat Belts

  • Child safety locks


  • Basic Warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles
  • Power train Warranty of 5 years or 60,000 miles

Consumer rating

Rating- 9.3/10


  • Great handling

  • Great gas mileage in the city

  • Spacious

  • Great for long trips


  • overpriced
  • low gas mileage on the highway

Expert Ratings

  • KBB Expert rating- 9.2/10


I think the F-150 ranks in the top of its class because of its design and capabilities. Some trucks have great capabilities but the F-150 in my opinion has a better interior design and look making it far superior than other trucks in its class.

Part 3

Important Definitions

  • MSRP- The manufacturer's suggested retail price.
  • Fair Purchase Price/Blue Book Value- The value that consumers are typically paying for this vehicle.
  • Dealer Invoice- The amount an auto dealership pays the manufacturer for a vehicle it puts on its lot.

Comparing prices

The prices are different because their might be a differing supply and demand towards the F-150 in these two dealerships.

Part 4

Other Trucks similar to the F-150

1. 2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax = $48,221

2. 2016 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Pricing = $33,154

Part 5


The car I would purchase would be the 2016 Ford F150 because out of all 3 of the cars I am familiar with the performance of an F150. The original choice is a better choice because It has features that I want that the other two trucks don’t have. The comparison choice is only better because it’s less expensive than the F150. With this information you can negotiate a better deal because the trucks are similar in size and style and the two others are less expensive.

Part 6


  1. Fair purchase Price = $52,583

  2. Down payment = $10,000

  3. 52,583 - 10,000

    1. 42,583

    2. 42,583 / 60 = $709.72

    3. Monthly payment = $709.72

Expenses and Planning

The job I would need to have to buy this truck would need to be a high paying job because F150 uses a lot of gas and maintenance costs are high. At this moment buying a new F-150 wouldn't be possible because it’s expensive and I dont get payed enough at my job to buy this vehicle.