September 15, 2016

Picture Retakes Tuesday (includes new students)

Remind your students that picture retakes are Tuesday. Students new to Mountain Park should also have their picture taken at this time if they were not here during the first round.

Please send students to the cafeteria at 8:30 AM. Students must return their packet on Tuesday if they would like retakes.

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Kona Ice (PBIS Incentive) on Tuesday

Kona Ice will be here Tuesday, September 20, with the following times:

K&1: 10:45-11:15

2nd: 11:15-11;45

3rd: 11:45-12:05

4th: 12:10-12:30

5th: 12:40-1:00

Remind students that in order to participate, they must be on a "5" for Monday and Tuesday in order to purchase this special treat. Although we allowed both 4s and 5s for the first Kona Ice, we are now setting higher expectations.

Send students with the clinic pass

1. Unless it is an emergency, remind your students they must use your clinic pass to be seen at our clinic. There have been students coming this week without the teacher knowing it.

2. There have been seven potty accidents this week. Please make sure your students go to the restroom if needed. Taking everyone at the same time is OK but please help prevent these mishaps from happening and allow students to go to the restroom if needed.

Parent Conference (Pulse check...)

How many of your parents have signed up for a conference? Sign-up is live and on-going so you should be getting your slots filled. If not, send a reminder home. The expectation is that you will either meet with them during our parent conference week or set aside time to either call/email to communicate progress if they are unable to attend.

CogAT Schedule Change

Kindergarten/second grade will switch specials and first/fourth grade will switch specials during CogAT testing. Thanks to everyone for your flexibility.

DVD players and fire hazard

Please do not store things on the top of the DVD player as this could present a fire hazard.

Have a great weekend!