Roman's Achievements

Come to the re- opening of Pantheon and historical sites!!!!

we have been open since 27 B.C

Pantheon information

For seventeen centuries the Pantheon was the largest dome in the world . The Pantheon is the Largest Roman inside space that is still intact. Was dedicated to all of the gods. Was built in 25 and 27 B.c.
Look at the Gorgeous Architecture

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Seeing of aqueducts

Aqueduct is a channel that moves water over land. Roman aqueducts were usually made of stone or concrete channels.They flowed mostly underground.

It will not be hard to get here. All roads lead to Rome

More than 50,000 miles of paved roads crisscrossed the Roman empire, linking cities and forts.

Historical Sites

Can not wait to see you in Rome!

Remember to stop and see the Roads, Aqueducts, and Pantheon!!!!!