December 12, 2014

Happy Holidays!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the video below!
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Stretch Your Learning

I have come to realize after years of professional development workshops, speakers, and presentations that the best learning comes when we connect with our own interests, passions, and needs. It's also important that we get in the habit of challenging ourselves to keep learning and stretching our boundaries. Research from the 90/90/90 projects, it was consistently found that these schools were populated with adults who were constantly learning together. This impacted their students learning. John Hattie has identified 8 mind frames that he believes successful and impactful teachers possess. A brief video of these mind frames is below.
I have also included some resources below that you might consider checking out for strategies and ideas that stretch your classroom.
VideoScribe on John Hattie's Visible Learning

Upcoming PD For Second Semester

To keep moving forward with our school's growth plan, we will continue to offer lunch bytes and walk-throughs. These both focus on sharing best practices right here at HMS. Our next lunch byte is scheduled for Friday, January 9th. The program, Zaption, will be the featured topic.

Right now you can get the pro version for free by filling out this survey link- http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/blog/2014/12/01/take-our-digital-learning-survey-get-premium-access-to-zaption/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=DiscoveryEd&utm_content=Take+our+Digital+Learning+Survey;+Get+Premium+Access+to+Zaption
It is good till the end of the school year.
We will provide lunch like last time. You will need to sign up in My Learning Plan no later than Wednesday, January 7th so we can order the food.

I have listed all the dates for walkthroughs, lunch bytes, and faculty meetings for second semester below.
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Meeting Dates

Lunch Bytes

Jan 9

Feb 6

Mar 6

Apr 10

May 1

Strategy Showcase Walk-throughs

Jan 15

Feb 19

Mar 12

Apr 16

Faculty Meetings

Jan 22

Feb 26

Mar 19

Apr 23

May 7

Building Leadership Meetings

Jan 13

Feb 17

Mar 10

Apr 7

May 5

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Leadership Team Work Session

This week our leadership team met for half a day to review our semester of work and begin brainstorming ideas for 2nd semester and beyond. The team wanted to start sending meeting notes out to everyone so you can see what is discussed and ideas generated. We spent a great deal of time brainstorming ideas to improve three areas:
1. Strengthening our identity as a school.
2. Creating opportunities for staff to use their strengths and their passions.
3. Creating time for staff to grow and work together during the school day.

Use the link below to access our shared folder. Here you can find our agenda with notes and the ideas we brainstormed. Feel free to add ideas or add comments to the ones listed by using the comment function in the document.
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Don't Forget

Be sure you use the form below to let me know what you are planning on doing during our assembly next week. Last week's newsletter has all the details.

A Thankful Staff

During the Thanksgiving season, our PCC team passed around turkeys to give folks a chance to share thankful thoughts with each other. Some of those comments are included below. I will keep adding more each week:

“Kay (Carrico),

I’m thankful for all your hard work to keep us science people supplied with fun stuff. Thank you!

Becky (Tiffany)”

“Becky (Tiffany),

You’ve done so well adapting to new challenges and correcting our students! Awesome work!

Alyssa (Springer)”

“Katie (Garrison),

Math is a touch subject and I’m hapy you are teaching this subject! Good luck!

Kay (Carrico)”

“Tara (Grosdidier),

It is such a wonderful thing t be able to work with your friends. I am thankful for your laughter, encouragement, and friendship each day.

Katie (Garrison)”

“Carolyn (Fulk),

I love working down the hall from you and I have loved getting t know you better these last two years! You truely care about me and it shows!

Tara (Grosdidier)”

“Alyssa (Springer),

We notice how you are constantly ‘stepping up your game’ and are always ready to give ideas and help your colleagues.

Carolyn (Fulk)”

“Kelsey Stuffies,

Thank you for ALWAYS having a smile on your sweet face! Your passion for kids and learning is contagious! Love ya Stuffies!

Dee (Wynne)”

“Jennifer (Kembel),

Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Your love for your career and students is inspiring!

Liz (Kinate)”

“Dee (Wynne),

Thank you for joining our team this year! Coming to work each day makes it so much easier knowing you are there to assist me!

Lisa (Hedges)”

“Ceci (Hughes),

Thanks for all your help and always being willing to take on extra tasks! All your hard work is appreciated!

Christy (Nevins)”

“Peg (Siskey),

Thank you for always being our calm voice of reason during all of the crazy times. We would be lost without all of your support.

Kelsey Stuff”