Immune System

Welcome to a Journey inside your Immune system!

What is the Immune System?

What does your Immune System do?

Your Immune System protects you. Your Immune Systems protects you from pathogens. Pathogens are just germs. The Immune System is made up of white blood cells known as leukocytes.

White Blood Cells (Leukocytes)

Your Immune system is made up of white blood cells. There are different kinds with different purposes. First is the T-Cell, the T-Cell patrols your body looking for invading germs. When it finds a germ in your system it will alert the other cells. Another kind is the B-Cell, the B-Cell is called by the T-Cell when it finds a germ. The B-Cell eats the germ then dies.

Layers Of defense

Your skin is the first line of defense and it traps 65% of germs. Then the mucus in your nose traps the germs you breathe in.


The Immune system is interdependent with every system in our bodies. It keeps everything healthy, and stops everything form infection.

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