Semester Exam

A Review for My Dear Foreign Friend by Charley Ainsworth

A recap of Semester 1

Here is the overview of my lesson for a new student.

The Original State of Man

Man and Woman were created to share in God's love and friendship. Humans were gifted above all other creatures in creation. We were given capacity for knowledge and love. Before Man fell into sin, Adam and Eve were fully united with God and free of Original Sin.

Original Sin

While humanity was once the perfect harmonious steward of God's earth, we were corrupted and fell from grace. Man and Woman ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the one tree forbidden from consumption of its fruit. Satan tempted and corrupted first Woman then Man. Adam and Eve were cast from the garden and all humans born are stained with sin from birth.

Consequences of Original Sin

Humans are no longer in full, perfect harmony with God. We had to leave the garden. Henceforth there has been enmity between man and Satan, and women experience agony of labor (God's words in Genesis). The human mind can no longer fully grasp God nor his laws or mysteries. Now humans have concupiscense and tend to sin.

The Word Became Flesh

Around the year 6 B.C. Jesus took the form of a mortal man and was born of woman. Christ came to earth for 4 reasons.

1. To make expiation for sins, reconcile man with God, and restore human nature lost by sin

2. To manifest the infinite depth of God's love

3. To offer a model of holiness

4. To allow people to share in His divine life

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The Paschal Mystery

Christ was crucified around the year 27 A.D. He dies for the sins of humanity. The sacrifice of an innocent, and God's own son redeemed man of everything. Then three days after His death, Jesus rose from the dead. He had defeated Death and Sin. Now humans may enter the Heavenly Kingdom after death. Forty days after the Resurrection, Jesus ascended into Heaven.

The Theological Virtues

The theological virtues are those virtues which elevate our closeness to Jesus and help us to live in His example. They are:

1. Faith

We must always belong to God, body and soul and remain with Him in faith

2. Hope

We hope for Jesus' second coming and salvation in Him

3. Charity (love)

The most important virtue, all men are called to love their neighbor


Prayer is conversation with God. It has many forms and many focuses but the main objective is to improve one's relationship with Him. Often people ask for things from God through prayer, others simply meditate in an exercise to feel His presence. The point is to have God in your life.

The Four Marks of the Church

The four marks of the church are what makes it the institution of Christ in this world. They are that the church is:

1. One

Though there are many parts of the church, all are part of the mystical body

2. Holy

The church is graced with God's holiness

3. catholic

"Universal" the church is open to all who would be faithful

4. Apostolic

All members of the church are the new apostles, the devoted followers and brethren of Jesus

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The Last Things

The last things are death, judgement, Heaven, and Hell. Also can be included are Pergatory and the ensure toon of the body. These are what come to be at the end of life. Based on our choices in life, they will result in us being reunited with God or eternally separated from Him.

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"Apparition" from Greek. The Parousia is the instance in which Christ will return and appear in power as judge, master, and King. Generally referred to as "the second coming," the Parousia is described mostly in the book of Revalation. When it comes about God's wisdom will separate the virtuous from the sinners.