Robots of the Future

Moving Fordward

Ideas of the Future

Everyone in the society is always anxious about new technology. You may say your not but you actually are. Example: Waiting for a new update on the latest game in the app store, waiting for the new iPhone 6, or iPad. Or even waiting for game in the store. What ever it is, we are all anxious of whats coming in the future. You never know what robot would change our society, it could be tomorrow.

Heading back to the past

Before go into the future we have to travel back to the past.

  • 250 B.C-------Ctesibius, an ancient Greek engineer and mathematician, invented a water clock which was the most accurate for nearly 2000 years.
  • 1898-----------The dirst radoi-controlled submersible boat was invented by Nikola Tesla.
  • 1921-----------The term "Robot" was coined by Karel Capek in the play "Rossums Universal Robots"
  • 1954-----------The first silicon transistore was produced by texas instruments.
  • 1957-----------Launch of the first artificial Satellite, sputnik 1.
  • 1965-----------First UnRobot installed at General Motors, used for die casting and spot welding.
  • 1969-----------The Apollo 11 mission, puts the first man on the moon. Landing was made inside the Lunar Module "Eagle".
  • 1975-----------The space probes vicking 1 and 2 were launched each with an articulated robot arm.
  • 1988-----------SCAMP designed as the first robot pet with emotions.
  • 1998-----------Lego enters the robotics market with its first version of Lego Mindstorm.
  • 2000-----------Honda unviels ASIMO, the first non-prototype release of its humanoid robot.
  • 2010-----------NASA and the General Motors join forces to develop Robonaunt-2, the new version of NASA's humanoid robot astronaut.


GM and NASA Take Giant Leap in Robotic Technology

Swarm Robots

These swarm robots in the video below, come together to make one object. They work together figuring out what to do and do it together, teamwork. These robots are not controlled but are programmed to do what is needed. You can say they have a mind of its own. Watch the video below to watch more about swarm robots.
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Robots with a mind of their own