Peace Like a River

Leif Enger

Do you believe in miracles?

Reuben Land is an eleven year old boy with asthma, he has had a hard time breathing even before he was born and was considered dead for over twelve minutes. He lives with his brother who he looks up to and his sister and dad. They are a poor family who live on a janitors salary and when two bullies beat up his brother's girlfriend, his brother does something that will change the way they live, and will change the whole family forever.
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"The answer, it seems to me now, lies in the miracles" (Enger 3).

About The Author

Leif Enger was born in 1961, and ever since he was a teen he has wanted to write fiction. He was a producer and reporter for Minnesota Public Radio until 1984 when he sold his book "Peace Like a River" to a publisher named Grove/Atlantic. Because of him selling his book to Grove/Atlantic, he got time off to write.



Literary Prizes - Wilson's Senior High School

Literary Prizes - Alex Award

Literary Prizes - Christian Library Journal

Literary Prizes - Publishers Weekly Starred

Reviews of Book

"Once in a great while, a book comes a long that has such wonderful characters and marvelous prose, that you read it as much for the pure joy it offers on every page as to find out how it ends." - Tom Walker, The Denver Post

"What allows Peace Like a River to transcend and limitations of belief and genre is its broad, sagacious humanity.... There is magic here, none more potent that Enger's prose." - Dan Cryer, Newsday

So many people like this book already, I know that you will too!