Digital Citizenship

How to Positively Navigate the Digital Community

What is Digital Citizenship?

A Digital Citizen is a broad term for someone who participates in the online community, sharing thoughts and information with others on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Digital Citizenship is about being a responsible user of the internet and can cover topics such as "netiquette", online safety, cyber bullying, plagiarism and so much more. With the Internet being so accessible it is important that we educate and emphasize the qualities of a positive digital citizen.
Digital Citizenship

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

View Mike Ribble's Digital Citizenship website

Connecting online use to Character Education is an important tool to inform students how to be a positive influence on their online community!

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Digital Citizenship Agreement for Teachers and Students

See the printable Link to a Digital Citizenship Agreement for Grade K-8 Students! From the website by the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.


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