Panther Updates

News, Resources and Learning for Panther Staff, 1/29/17

News of Note

Thanks to Kayla Perry for sharing the inspirational video above at our Leadership Meeting. Great video about successful celebrities of note and how they dream big and set goals just like we do with our students.

Track 1 and 2 Interims go out on Tuesday. Please alert our SpEd staff if you have students have any students below benchmark on these.

Track 4 Data Wall Meetings will be held this week. Grades K/1 on Tuesday and 2/3 on Wednesday. Both meetings will begin at 7:45 in the Data Room. Grades 3-5 will hold their weekly PLT meetings.

Last call for those interested in applying for the Active Learning Spaces Grant ($50,000). The grant is due this Friday, February 3rd.

The Valentine’s Dance is coming up a week from Friday, February 10th. Please plan to attend as this is a school-wide function. The supper is from 5:30-6:30 and the dance from 6:30-8:30.

Emergency Bags/”Blind” For Door Window: Please keep your emergency bags on the hook on the back of your door. This needs to be a consistent place in the event of a substitute. In addition, you will find a black piece of laminated paper on the back of your door if you didn’t have one already. Please keep your door window covered with this paper. Lara will replace any tape with Velcro when available.

Good Luck to Rosina Davidson

This week we say goodbye to one of dear friends and valuable staff members. Rosina Davidson has been a valued member of our staff all the way back to Pleasant Union opening in 1992. Since that time she has filled many roles supporting students, staff and parents. She has done it with a smile on her face, always wanting to do the best for those she was helping. We wish her the very best in her retirement and hope that she will come back and visit.

Great Teaching Going on at Pleasant Union

Needs Immediate Attention

Thank you to staff that have turned on the "share" function for your digital planbook. Many staff have only used the weekly “turn in” button to date. Please change this to the “Share” so that your lesson plans will automatically show up on an ongoing basis. Some staff have “turned in” during the first semester of the year but are not showing up through the week of 1/23/17-1/28/17. That is another reason I need the “Share” function turned on. For those that have not already shared your plan book with Kayla, Lara and I here is "how to link”. After sharing refer to the “how do I let people know I’ve shared my plan book” so that we are alerted of your plan book being shared. Please have your plan books shared with us before you leave on Tuesday, January 31st. I will then be able to determine if any of our homeroom, specialist, and/or SpEd teachers need Planbookedu support. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.

PUE Food Drive

Be sure to share with your parents the information that our counselor, Catherine Cooper shared in an email on 1/25 regarding the Pleasant Union K-Kids Club is sponsoring a food drive in January and February. We will fill 28+ backpacks with groceries (one per classroom) to provide weekend food for children in the North Raleigh area.

The BackPack Buddies program provides children from food-insecure homes with healthy weekend meals during the school year. Children receive a backpack containing six balanced meals and two healthy snacks at the end of every week. 1 in 4 children in NC is at risk of hunger. For more information, please visit

Track 3 out duties for the weeks of: 1/30-2/3, 2/6-2/10

AM Hallway- Shipley

AM Carpool- DeCain

AM Breakfast- Renfrow

AM Bus- Lavin

Lunch- Crum, Lavin, Britt, Wilburn, Brown, DeCain, Chavis (McEwen,) Renfrow

PM- Carpool: Freer (Calls car numbers beginning at 3:40 PM, Britt and Brown in the cafeteria, Wilburn is outside with students/safety patrol.) Britt (Please get the speaker out of the office conference room to set up in the cafeteria each day.)

PM Hallway- Andrews

PM Bus: Stepnopski (1/30-2/3,) Rich (2/6-2/10) (calls bus routes)