Marks By Eraser

Introducing the new improved eraser

It's and Eraser, Not!

Have you ever wanted to turn neat work to very sloppy work? If you want to turn it into neat paper, students, buy this miracle eraser. Introducing the new eraser that doesn't erase, it puts even more pencil marks on your paper. It is quick and easy to use. It turns your neat paper into a bad sloppy paper. This remarkable product is used world-wide by students and even teachers. This new eraser is only made in the U.S. It is only sold in the U.S. Introducing the new buy one get one free at only one store in the world. Hurry because there is only 10 in stock right now. Be one of ten callers to get two free. There are only red white and blue colors for the erasers

Only Made in The USA

Yes, even Rachel Platten uses this product

When Rachel is writing new songs, she relies on this product every day when she writes something she doesn't want or she miss spells a word.


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