Nature Of The Work

  • Public Finance Economist - Look at the governments involvement in the economy.
  • International Economist - Look at markets internationally and study currency.
  • Microeconomists - Study individual companies or people.
  • Demographic Economist - Look at trends in salary and how it's determined.
  • Organizational Economist - Examine the markets of individual industries.

Work Enviroment

Most usually work alone in a individual office but, there are some who collaborate with others. Although they work full time with regular business hours you sometimes have to stay behind to meet deadlines.

Trianing Required

Most places often require at least a Masters degree and sometimes a PhD.


Estimated Total - 18,680


Median- $69,000

Although most earned between $50,000 and $90,000

Related Occupations

  • Data analysis
  • Researchers
  • Management

Job Outlook

The number of jobs for economists is expected to grow at the rate of the national average of 6%