Anne Hutchinson's Mission

By: Anne Hutchinson

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Significant...she couldn't explain her mission better- William Hutchinson (Anne Hutchinson's Husband)

Anne Hutchinson passed the message: 'people should be allowed to worship as they choose'- Roger Williams

This is observe! How can someone whom is a women question church leadership!- John Wheelwright

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Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson was baptized in July 20, 1591 on Alford, Lincolnshire, England. She grew up in an atmosphere of learning and was taught to question authority. Anne Hutchinson was the daughter of a discredited Anglican clergyman. She defied religious doctrine, believed in antisemitism and was banished for challenging religious authority later on. She had a big family of fourteen children and husband whom were cast out into the wilderness. She moved to Rhode Island and later to New York where she continued to discuss her beliefs. Unfortunately Anne Hutchinson was killed during an Indian attack. (1591-1643)

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My name is Anne Hutchinson and I'm an antagonist, a female of the church. I expressed my opinions, and explained church doctrine. "They are saved by grace regardless of what works or deeds they perform." This went against the church leadership and undermined their authority. My quick wit saved me from execution, but it didn't meant I was free from punishment. From that day forward I would not be allowed to remain in Massachusetts Bay...

Can Anne Hutchinson make her dream come true afterwards? Does it take one, whom is a women, to make a difference (keeping in mind that women back then didn't have a voice)?