Confederate Food Shortages!

Meat has become a once-a-week luxury at best, and even such staples as rice and corn are in short supply. Plus food prices have skyrocketed! At one time the average family spent $6.65 a month on food. Today we are now spending $68 a month—if we can find any food to buy. The situation is growing desperate that hundreds of women and children—and some men— have stormed bakeries and are rioting for bread!

The 3 main reasons we have food shortages:


The Union has blockaded the Southern ports creating shortages of other items, too, including salt, sugar, coffee, nails, needles, and medicines! Now it's up to us to black market trade with our enemy in order to survive. Confederates smuggle cotton into the North in exchange for gold, food, and other goods. The Union has gone too far, brothers wouldn't treat each other this way.