Flat Stanley Project

Grade 2 Explores Flat Stanley

How It All Started...

Second graders recently read the book, Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown. The main character in the story, Flat Stanley, was flattened by a bulletin board. Luckily, he did not get hurt, but he sure did get flattened. Once he was flat, Flat Stanley could then travel to California in an envelope to visit friends. That's where we got our project idea from! We decided to create our very own Flat Stanley characters so we can make friends from different states.

The Project...

To help our classes learn about the world in a new way we will be mailing our Flat Stanley characters all the way to Texas to our new pen pals. We have already emailed our pen pals to introduce ourselves. Our pen pals are going to be mailing us their Flat Stanley characters too. Once we receive our pen pal's Flat Stanley characters we will begin our journey with them for one week. Please take Flat Stanley wherever you go and record your time with Flat Stanley in the journal provided. Write all about the places Flat Stanley visits and the things you do together. You can also include pictures or any other small paper artifacts you may come across.

Please send journals back to school by February 11th

We can't wait for our Flat Stanley adventures!