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The four kings

There once was a kingdom of dark that the four kings ruled. Their names were Theodore, Leo, Lautrec,Trigon, and many people lived in the village. The kingdom was called No Londo. It was named after the great dragon war. The place was cold and misty at night, that’s why it's a dark kingdom. The four kings protected the kingdom over 5,000 years at war. They protected the kingdom and slayed all dragons in our nation.

Favorite app

My favorite app would be Pixel Guns, because you can fight people in the game with guns. When you can buy weapons and upgrade, you get stronger. But you can also upgrade armor for more protection against people.You can find alot of maps,and you get to play capture the flag. You’ll need to tap and slide buttons to jump and attack.The swords and guns can do alot of damage when you strike the players head.

Football Feature story

There once was a sport called rugby, where you could throw and kick a football. They had jerseys for protection, and it was little protection.

After that, there was a sport similar to Rugby, and it was football. Football had a lot more equipment, but it got famous, and it was associated with the best sport. They started playing it. People made other games all very similar to football. Most people liked the design of the football because it could spin, and people figured that its spin was aerodynamic.The coaches told players to practice to beat other teams.They started to make big games called the Super Bowl.They played in stadiums that were large, so the ball will not fly out.When It was winter, they covered the stadium up so it didn’t snow inside.They would have a trainer to wash the football equipment and shoulder pads. In conclusion, the oldest stadium was

the Soldier Field Stadium.


There was an ancient city of gods, and there was one that was the thunder God named Thor.

Humans discovered a hammer that was in the ground, and no one could lift it. They tried everything, but it was too heavy, not even a truck could tow it. Thor crashed into Earth, and three people found him, and they helped him. After that, there was a robot shooting lasers. Thor got his hammer and smashed him.

In conclusion, Thor stopped Loki from destroying the Earth.