September 28, 2015


Staff Meeting Rescheduled to Oct. 5th

Our staff meeting was originally scheduled for October 7th. Due to a conflict, the meeting day had to be changed. We will now be meeting on October 5th. Please make this change on your calendars.


September 28:Cluster 7:05 a.m.

September 29: Katrina out for IPLI in Indy; Child Study 3:00 p.m.

September 30: Report Cards with Alan & Karen 3:10-3:40

October 1: Listening Day at Waterford - Diane and Alan will be here in the Conference Room from 7:30-3:30.; TLT 3:10-4:20 p.m.

October 2: 4th Grade Field Trip; NWEA K/1 Data Day

October 5: Cluster 7:05 a.m.; Staff Meeting 3:10 p.m.

October 6: K/1 Data Day; PBS 3:15

October 7: 1st Grade Fire Prevention 9:15-10:45 a.m.; 3rd Grade Fire Prevention 1:30-2:30

October 8: 2/3 Data Day; District Council Meeting 9:30-11 - Katrina Out; TLT 3:10-4:20 p.m.

October 9: 4/5 Data Day; Elementary Principal's Meeting 8:45-10:30 - Katrina Out

Quote of the Week

"You've begun your journey. At the start, confusion is to be expected. First you have to get started. Move into uncharted territory. Explore. Meditate. You'll know if you're on course.........In the legend of the Holy Grail, each knight begins his search by entering the darkest place in the forest. No path. No guide. Try it."

Leading with Soul by Bolman and Deal

We have begun our journey with NWEA, Co-Teaching, Curriculum Maps, Close Reading, New Staff Members, and New TLT Members. We are moving into uncharted territory. It is going to require that we explore and reflect as we move forward on our journey. We are searching deeper in order to get our students to think more critically. It may not feel like we have a path or guide, but we do! We have each other!! Remember, we are ALL in this together! We will help each other along the path, even when we stumble or encounter obstacles, and we will celebrate each others accomplishments along the way!


*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Marilyn Jantze for preparing dinner for the New Teacher Support Meeting!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Kristy for presenting information on Classroom Management to the New Teachers on Wednesday afternoon.

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Gail and Julea for supporting the New Teacher Meeting.

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Lisa, Jama, Katelyn, Trina, Jennie, Ami, and Allie for staying for the New Teacher Support Meeting.

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Gail and the TOI's - Lynne, Karen, Teresa, Emily, and Ben for working hard to regroup students based on NWEA Data and begin another round of LLI support lessons to help our students be successful! We couldn't do it without!! KUDOS!!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Teresa Mack for completing the laminating each week for the building!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Moshe for updating our website!!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Joy, Marisa, Mark, Gail, Katelyn, and Sarah for agreeing to model co-teaching planning next week!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: June for helping with discipline when Randy or I are not available!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: The cafeteria staff for washing my extra dishes from the New Teacher Support Meeting and the kindness they show our kids when they are going through the breakfast and lunch lines each day!

*A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Kayonna, Lynette, Joy, Nikki, Chelsea, Allison, and Jenni for the patience and support they provide to our students each day!

New Custodian

Please welcome Robin Vicary as our new custodian during lunch time. We appreciate the extra help and assistance from Dori as we searched for a replacement for Kassie. Robin was a previous employee with GCS and wanted to come back because she missed the kids!

Thoughts & Prayers

For Ben and his family. His grandfather passed away on Sunday morning.

TLT Update

We dug into the NWEA grade level data in order to:

1. Describe the Data

2. Interpret the Data

3. Discuss Implications for our Building

4. Determine Building Goals

Next week we will be continuing our work on the Yearly Cluster Goals & Cluster Cycles. We will then be developing a plan for "rolling out" this information to you during our Staff Meeting on October 5th. We are also in the process of planning the "Data Days" during the first week of October.


On Wednesday, September 30th from 3:10-3:40, Alan and Karen are coming to talk to us about the upcoming report cards. They are going to go over how the report cards are aligned to our new curriculum maps and how to report progress to parents. Since we have already had our September staff meeting, please adjust your time a couple of days that week or the following week, by coming in later or leaving early in order to make up your time for this required meeting.

NWEA Data Days

We are planning NWEA Data Days for K/1 on October 6th, 2/3 on October 8th, and 4/5 on October 9th. This will be an all day PD in the TAP room from 8-3. We will begin the day with "NWEA 101", which will allow you to learn about the reports and how to best use them to support classroom instruction and student learning. You will also have time to plan as a grade level in order to support the data. More information will be forthcoming from Randy regarding substitutes and the PD from Julea and Gail.

PTO News


Things coming up....

October 12-16 Fall Book Fair, open late during Parent Teacher conferences

October 13 and 15 Parent Teacher Conferences

October 26 6 pm - PTO meeting

November Rise and Roll donut fundraiser

December Polar Express Family Night

GCS News and Notes

Today’s Focus: Growth

“The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.”
– Isaac Asimov

GCS Learning Connection

Principals, please remind your staff members to read the monthly newsletter from the district office that is emailed to all gcsusers on the first Friday of the month from Vickie Grant. It is a communication tool that is used to help keep all GCS staff members up to date on things that are big picture, or that affect everyone in Goshen Schools. There have been a few comments lately about not being notified of GCS happenings, but we had indeed reported on those things in the Goshen Learning Connections newsletter. Thanks for your help on this.


Now that NWEA testing is winding down we have the opportunity to dig into the data. Many buildings have started looking at the reports and thinking about how to apply this new information. In order to help data understanding and student goal setting, Jeff Gangloff will be here on October 1st for secondary schools and October 2nd for elementary. These trainings will be using the same schedule as the August 13th meeting, which means it will start at 8:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM.

United Way Campaign

The campaign has begun!

The final deadline for having the pledge forms returned to Lori Martin is Monday October 26th. That is the first day back after Fall Break…..so, in planning backwards, you will be Lori’s HERO if you can get them to her before Fall Break.

Please communicate the following with your staff (and we will also include this in the October Staff Newsletter) –

United Way pledges may be made in cash or check, credit card, or through payroll deduction. If payroll deduction is selected, employees may choose a ONE time deduction for the full amount, or ten (10) deductions. Deductions will start with the second pay date in November.


CPR is scheduled for November 10 and November 19. You only attend one class. It is at GHS from 4 to 5 pm and cost $20. If you are interested, email sstiffney@goshenschools.org