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The Other America

White Flight + Border Crossing.

In the 1950s, Millions of Americans left the cities for suburbs, taking precious economic resources with them. They Isolated themselves from other races and classes. The poor migrated to the inner cities and five million African Americans moved from the rural south to urban areas. Poor people who were displaced from their homes simply moved from one ghetto to another.Significant changes occurred in American culture and society after World War II ended and servicemen began to return home, reclaim jobs, and begin the process of pursuing and living the American Dream. The move from inner cities to newly constructed suburbs – Levittowns such as those built by William Levitt in the late 1940s, provided the opportunity of home ownership yet it also came with a price. “White flight” produced de facto segregation in northern urban centers and left minorities, notably African Americans, out of the equation. Also during this time large numbers of Mexicans were crossing over into the U.S. and seeking employment, some were hired as farm hands where they would harvest crops, they were known as braceros.

Where they went!