Brand New Energy Lego's!

A New Twist On An Old Product

What are Energy Lego's?

Energy Lego's are RAD's Electric Company's latest invention! It's a power strip made up of 6-12 rotating sockets. Each socket connects to the others and can also be detached like Lego's, the sockets can each individually rotate 360 degrees. The ability to rotate sockets provides more space for those chunky charging cubes you never have space for! Also you can add more pieces to your bar if you do run out of room! The strip of Energy Lego's come with 2 standing bases to attach to so there's no openings for someone to get shocked by and it provides a wire organizing function.

You may buy our product with 6 or 12 pieces and can customize it with what ever design you please for around $4.00 more on the normal cost of $20.00. Over the course of the years the product is expected to come out with more features like battery power and a wire-less system.

Why Is It Better?

This product is better than a normal power strip since it's ability to rotate each socket individually provides more space for charging wires and when features like solar power use come out for our product it will be way better for the environment than a normal strip. Energy Lego's will keep your wires more organized rather then having them scattered everywhere with its base stands built to keep wires in an organized fashion. Also maybe the best thing of all is that the way Energy Lego's are built they are way more environmentally friendly and waste less electricity since if you're not using a socket you can just take it of whereas with a normal power strip all sockets have power running to them. Which is a big waste of electricity and is only going to make your energy bill higher, who want's that!

Buy It Now!!

This product is only sold at RAD's Electric Company and stores associated with RAD's. The price for a normal 6 piece strip of Energy Lego's is $20.00 (but if customized or more pieces are added price ranges from $22.00 - $25.00.)
Here's what some satisfied customers have said about our product! "It gives me so much more room to plug things I and I don't need to worry about there being a mess of wires on the floor it really did make my life easier"-Linda Cornfield age 24. "This product is already so amazing but I cant wait to see what new features will be provided with years to come!"-Entaon Phan age 20. Those were only a few of our many happy customers. If they love this product so much who's to say you won't!

We plan on doing many different events and releases for this product as we add more features like solar power and wireless stands. This is just the beginning of a whole new era of technology." Spoke company owners Danveen, Anusan and Reilly when asked about their product.