Personality Scrapbook

Reilly H

First Born: 1997

I am the first child that was brought into the family. I am happy to be the first born. My parents always taught me lessons that i could then share with my brother. My brother and I are best friends. My mother is more in charge in the household with discipline. Shes more loud then my father, which I take over completely. She is funny, caring, outgoing, creative just like i feel that I am. Sometimes we butt heads but we are just so similar. My father is a worrier but he is funny, kind, smart, outdoorsy, and always wishes the best for my brother and I. My family is traditional I have two parents together, one brother and a dog named Brody. I have compliant in my traits. I grew up where my parents taught me what was right from wrong. I always want to help people and give help because I felt that that was the right thing to do, it made me feel good about myself. I am very family oriented. I like to spend time with my family. I love caring for kids such as babysitting. I am reliable for my family and my job. My parents taught me to accept everyone for who they are. I do a lot of community service and that is rewarding. School is important to me, getting good grades is a priority. I am Extraversion. I love to chat, go out, make new friends, have a lot of energy and always be around fun.

2000....Welcome Keato! Age 3

I am more humanism. I want to be the best person I can be. Being full of love, life, kindness, humbleness and nurture is what I strive for. There is more to life then just those things. Maslow and Roger created a pyramid with what the believes a human necessity. It starts with basic needs, safety needs, Love and belonging, achievement and self esteem. My parents raised me to be the best person I could ever be. Three years of being an only child and now my brother is born. When he wasn't born just quite yet I was very excited for him to come, even when he was born I was excited. Then I got jealous of Keato for a little while and do little reckless things a three year old could do. I now had to share my toys, my parents and my dog. I was not a fan. Once I started to play with him and hold him I loved him. I couldn't imagine life without him. I'm so lucky to have my brother be my best friend. He himself has taught me so much and makes me want to be a better person. There is way more than myself out there, there are other people to take care of.

2007...Karate Chop! Age 11

Erik and Erickson's theory, superego. In the 5th grade I became a Karate Superstar! My parents signed me up for Karate when I was 5 years old. Years later and I am getting my black belt. I had always had a love/ hate relationship with karate. There were times I wanted to stop and never do it again. My parents made sure to always encourage me to stay with it because in the end the hard work will pay off. Being in Karate taught me many life lessons. I learned to listen, responsibility and respect. I worked hard because I was taught that doing so will make me move on to a higher belt. It made me work harder in school because if my grades were bad karate was put on pause. I always wanted to do the right thing and make myself as well as my parents proud.

2010...Woof Woof! Age 13

Behaviorism. My mom and dad told us that we were getting a dog. That was pretty exciting for us. We did have a dog Rudy but he passed away. We loved Rudy and we knew we would love our new dog too. We pulled up in a parking lot where a big bus full of dogs was. The bus traveled from Mississippi and they had many other families dogs. Once we saw ours we couldn't believe the size of him. He was just a puppy and he was gigantic. We hugged him and he loved us right away. Having a dog came with big responsibility, loving, caring and treating a dog. My parents gave us rules to make sure that he was fed, groomed, trained and played with. Playing with him wasn't the hard part.

2015...Bye Pancreas! Age 17

Socio-cultural theory because this factor in my life changed my life forever. My Senior year of High school and third quarter was just starting. I was so excited for all the events to come. I felt sick for a week and I pushed through it. On the Friday, the way I felt was unbearable. My mother took me to the hospital. It was my home for the next week. The doctors and nurses did many tests and the results came in. I was diabetic. This was a shock for my family and I. The symptoms were there but we didn't think anything of it. It was a lot to get used to. I had to learn how to give myself insulin and count all my carbs, things I wouldn't normally do. This is my new normal. It was sad and heart breaking but once I fully realized that this will never go away, I felt strong and empowering. I feel that this event made me stronger and even more so want to help people understand diabetes. I needed to adapt to my new life.

Live Love Laugh