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Superintendent Message

Thankfulness and Gratitude

I have always thought it was appropriate that we celebrate Veterans Day and then a few weeks later we celebrate Thanksgiving, two holidays that are significant to our country and unique to America. Sacrifice and appreciation can be used to describe both holidays.

This year my appreciation “list” would include family, friends, colleagues, and health, but I would also include things I take for granted and amazing memories. For example, I take for granted every day that I can walk, that my brain can process complex situations, that I can choose what I am going to eat today, and that I can talk and express myself. For all those “take for granted” things, I am tremendously grateful.

As I drove home from work last night, I smiled as I pulled in front of the garage and got out of the truck. It was dark, cold, and quiet. I smiled because the stars were shining brightly and a favorite childhood memory surfaced. The memory of my dad trying to show my older brother and me the different constellations in the sky. For that, I am grateful.

Oh, and the memory of Mrs. Lang teaching me how to tie my ribbon in my hair in the third grade. It took a lot of practice and patience. She was such a wonderful teacher. For all the Mrs. Langs I have encountered in my life, I am grateful.

Family, friends, and colleagues have given me amazing relationships. Some have lasted a true lifetime; others have happened through the years. People and interactions have kept me grounded, taught me life lessons, and balanced my life. For that I am grateful.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I sincerely wish you a wonderful break, a time to relax, enjoy family, count blessings, share a wonderful meal with family & friends, and reflect on memories in your life that are the most important to you.

Marganna Stanley

Superintendent, Henderson County Schools

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Mission, Vision, and Core Values Video


Excellence in All We Do

Extraordinary Spotlight - Mrs. Celina Pinkston

I would like to spotlight Mrs. Celina Pinkston. She is a Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire! She is loved by her children, her families and her colleagues. Her loving spirit and her determination to help children succeed are at the center of everything she does.
She is kind, patient, and loving to each of her students; she is a leader among the staff. Even in her most trying of times, her thoughts were on her children and their success.
We are all better teachers having been touched and inspired by her.

-Submitted by Bend Gate Principal Deborah Harman

Community Spotlight

Thank you to International Paper for its support of the Brain Bus & literacy programs.

November Judge's Scholar

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School Psychologist Awareness Week

School psychologists serve students in many ways, but are notably known for evaluating students for the purpose of identifying a student with an educational disability. They are a part of a team that determines whether a student is eligible for special education services. In addition to psychological testing, the psychologists assist teachers and principals in developing education plans for special education students as well as behavioral plans for any student in need. They also facilitate social groups known as Lunch Bunch which targets students with autism and other communication/social skills deficits. School psychologists work under the direction of the Director of Special Education, and they are assigned various special education initiatives that range from reading to mathematics to behavior to attendance/graduation, and everything in between. Their roles are varied and numerous, but it suffices to say they are a tremendous asset to Henderson County Schools.

Henderson County Schools Psychologists:

Stacia Wolf serves EHS & HCHS

Kris Mayes serves BGT & SPT

Courtney Galyon serves SHS & CAS

Mary Katherine Ryle serves ABC & NMS

Doug Mings serves JEF & HCHS

Angie Cunningham serves TBJELC, NIA, & HNS

Lanie Rudisill serves Cairo & SMS

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Why Read 20 Minutes a Day?

Let’s face it…parents (and kids) are busy! It is difficult to “fit in” all that needs to be done in a day. We are often faced with having to make choices about what stays and what goes in our schedules. So, why is it so critical to include 20 minutes of reading in your child’s daily schedule? There is a wealth of research supporting daily reading with your child especially prior to and during the period when s/he is learning to read. Here are a few of the ways reading with your child for 20 (or more) minutes a day benefits him or her.

November 20th - HCS Board of Education Meeting

6:00 p.m.

HCS Professional Development Center

November 22nd-24th Thanksgiving Break

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