Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's Room 8 Class

Diorama Construction

Home-fun (Homework): Wow thank you for the terrific shoe boxes. We have spent this morning industriously painting our back drops and will start to construct the vegetation next week.

If you have any more recycled materials collected with your child for the diorama please bring them in a labelled plastic bag and we will store them under the computer desk until we need them. Suggestions include, streamers, balloons, bottle tops pegs, material scraps buttons etc. The students will let you know about any specifics that they need to collect for their creation.


As a part of our learning in Room 8 we have been participating in Bluearth activities once a fortnight. This had been on a Wednesdays, but due to staffing changes has been moved to Monday 17 July (week 7) and each fortnight on Mondays from then. To ensure all students can participate and get the most out of it please make sure they wear their sneakers to school.

Bluearth includes specifically designed games, movements and postures that meet Physical Education (PE) curriculum requirements. Bluearth adheres to and promotes a number of principles that lead to achieving improved social, personal, physical and academic outcomes. These are:

Inclusive, enjoyable and non threatening learning environment

A presumption that each student has the ability to succeed

Opportunities to allow exploration creativity and self assessment

To learn more visit

Zoo Excursion

As a part of our Society and Environment theme on the Daintree Rainforest, later this term will will be attending the Zoo for the 'Save a Tree for Me' educational experience and self guided tour.
When: Thursday the 27th of June
Where: Perth Zoo
Who: Three Year 1 classes (Room 8, 9, 10)
Further information and a permission slip will be given out closer to the date.

Thank you to our Amazing Race Leaders!
Courageous Cassie,
Responsible Rowena,
Brave Brandon,
Skilled Simon and
Loyal Linda!
We can't wait to set out on our exciting Zoo Adventure!

Thank you History Buffs

A special thank you to Jason, Libby, Janine and Rowena for volunteering to be leaders presenting a game if the past to the class. I was hoping to organise this for next Wednesday 19 June. Let me know via email how this suits?

Game afternoon: The class will separate into 4 groups, with 4 leaders and 4 games. Leader gives 1-2 minutes of explanation and 8-9 minutes of game time. The groups will rotate so all activities are trialled. This should take 40 minutes. Examples of games: skipping using a long rope with 2 people turning it – there are many skipping songs the kids can learn. Marbles, jacks, hopscotch, follow the leader etc. Check out the website for cool ideas