Our Why

Why we exist as a learning organization

Our Mission: To Ensure High Levels of Learning for ALL

We know today there is no pathway to a middle class lifestyle without education, whether college or career. The jobs we are preparing our learners for will be reinvented time and time again in their futures. Learning is a continual process. And we know the stake are too high for those who lack of literacy or dropout.....many without a diploma struggle to earn, struggle with health, and struggle with self-satisfaction in life. We recognize that it's not enough to be a good school for some. We have to be a great school for all.

That means we will commit to this mission to Ensure High Levels of Learning for ALL. Throughout the year we will be working from and building our district's charter. Come see me for a cup of coffee and a visit. I'd love to discuss the work and share our district mission, vision, values, goals, priorities, and action plan.

Big picture

Who are we?

Mountainburg Public Schools is staffed with 113 employees. 33% of our staff are Dragon Alumni. We have 1587 years of combined teaching and work experience. We have some first year teachers and some veterans with 39 years of service in the district. We know that to teach and care for our students is a great calling, and we are committed to make decisions based on what is best for students.

Our Vision

Our Vision: What We Aspire to Become

Our school is the heart of our community.

We are blessed with rich traditions and a strong sense of community pride. It is our duty to Honor our History, and those who serve us.

We are the ones who must Building our Present through collaboration and hard work.

Our students will use their talents and skills in jobs and in ways that haven't been invented yet. We must Create our Future with creativity and innovation.

We are Dragon Strong.

About us

Mission: To ensure high levels of learning for ALL

Vision: Honor our History, Build our Present, Create our Future...We are Dragon Strong

Superintendent Dr. Debbie Atwell