The Book Theif


What is a Book Thief?

In the story, "The Book Thief", death narrates Leisel Meminger who lives as a foster child in Mr. and Mrs. Hubbeman's home in Mulching Germany around 1939. This 10 year old girl LOVES to steal and read books she finds after Mr. Hubberman teaches her to read. She steals books from a grave digger, a burn pile, and even the mayors wife. Leisel later begins writing her own book about all her crazy adventures of WWII like harboring a Jew, loosing her whole family, and being in a bomb shelter during air raids, and living a hate Hitler life. This girl has lived through a hard yet adventurous life. I truly think she is incredibly brave.

What is a Book Theif like?

"I hate the Fuher, I HATE him.", Page 115.

The fact that this little girl was brave enough to hate Hitler openly is astounding. She could be killed for that but she didn't care. She was brave enough to voice her opinions with out the fear of punishment.

"I am reading something else with my papa.", Page 245

Even though Liesel was reluctant to move into the the Hubberman's home. It really shows how fond to Mr. Hubberman she has become. Even though she is totally ecstatic about reading books she only wants to finish the one with Mr. Hubberman. Which shows me that she really does care for her new family.

"Don't go, Papa. Just don't go. Let them come for you if you stay. but, don't go please don't go,", Page 424.

This actually wasn't something Liesel said. It was a thought she had. I still can't get over how she favored Mr. Hubberman more than Mrs. Hubberman. In this moment, Mr. Hubberman was being drafted into the army. even though Liesel shows to be incredibly strong through the whole book, when it comes to loosing the male figures in her life she can't handle it. She shows some weakness.

The Book!

I would recommend this book to more advanced readers. This book can become really confusing and hard to understand. Overall this book was amazing. People who would like this book is more in the age range of high school students. I think people should read this book because it really highlights all the sneaky things that happened during Hitler's rule.