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Sun Frog Shirts

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Sun Frog Shirts was started as a small franchise and since then, it has proven to be a top-notch competitor by taking over the market as its growth continues to grow beyond limits. According to Josh Kent, the founder, previous year's growth was more than anyone could imagine.

Josh Kent says that SunFrog Shirts has doubled the revenue as well as staff members in the past two years just from the sale of apparel line and extensive work to an affiliate network and international customers stretched across 200 separate countries.

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Award-winning Franchise

Quality work is evident in customer reviews and the teamwork between the entire staff as well as the clients that have maintained their position as regular customers. The response of clients to customer's needs has continued to gain praise and also increased the number of customers that are joining the unending network.

As a result of its hard work, SunFrog Shirts was chosen among 5,500 companies to receive MI-SBDC, the Best Small business award in the Breslin Center in Lansing, Michigan.

About SunFrog Shirts

The SunFrog Shirts company is simply an award-winning online retailer that sells thousands of apparel designs and custom T-shirts created by several artists around the world. SunFrog Shirts Company was founded by Josh Kent in the year 2004. The company does its best in meeting customer needs by operating under a unique network platform that combines various artists from all over the world.

These artists work individually or in groups to come up with various designs, artistic creations, and inspiring quotes to capture more than a million minds around the world. The tactic has placed the company in the top position as most of its competitors have nothing to offer to match what the company can offer.

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The Sun Frog Shirts Company is always open to new Ideas as it is trying to experiment with different things that would help them adjust to meet their customers and potential customer's needs.

The company also expects customers to respond to any issues since it is aims to gain its marketing skills through implementing customer's requests. To help them achieve this, major issues from the Sun Frog Shirts customer care notes down the issues that are then met in time to better the future of the company.

Up to now, the company has devised various marketing tactics that are expected to capture the attention of more than enough customers around the world.

What Exactly Is Sunfrog Shirts Trying To Do?

Simple, they are trying to increase the sales by selling shirts. What makes them unique, is that, not only are they trying to sell shirts, but also creating what customers want. The SunFrog Shirts Company gives its customers a privilege to choose what they want to be printed on the shirts.

They started this, and they are not planning to stop anytime soon. The Company is targeting all types of customers. Those who are fond of pullovers, those who like T-shirts and last but not least those who can't just let go of shirts.

Brands And Designs

* SHIRTS - Among the popular brands are shirts. They come in different colors, sizes and designed. The shirts are distinguished better by the words printed on them. These shirts can be used in events or just won for fun.

* PULLOVERS - The Company doesn't leave out residents that live in places characterized by cold weather. Anyone can afford a smile despite the cold tormenting weather that can freeze every cell in the human body and SunFrog Shirts is doing all it can to ensure this happens.

* SWEATSHIRTS - A simple word like 'No pain, no gain' can motivate a beginner to compete against a pro during workouts or even competitions. The SunFrog Shirts ensure that workout fanatics are motivated during exercises.

* T-SHIRTS - T-shirts are for those that try to keep everything looking professional, but in recent years, T-shirts have also contributed much to fashion. The SunFrog Shirts Company has everything figured out and have in their stores all sorts of decorated T-shirts for professional who admires a combination of professionalism and fun.

What To Expect Now And In The Coming Years

Ther SunFrog Shirts Company is evolving with the world as customer's minds seem to vary with time. There is a lot to learn from the world, there is a lot going into everyone's, mind and the company isn't letting this go away.

They are taking advantage of the situation to meet their customer's needs in any way possible. There are more than enough new brands coming up whose creations is based on the customer's preferences. The shirts are distinguished from each other by their designs and quotes or phrases printed on them. Here is what to expect.

1. Funny T Shirts

Life is much better when everyone has a smile on his or her face. Among the things that can make anyone smile is funny quotes. Not everyone likes to read a book, but a short funny quote on a shirt can attract any attention. The SunFrog Shirts Company is doing everything to put a smile on everyone's face by printing funny quotes on the shirts.

A customer can request a quote he or she needs to be printed on the shirt he or she is buying or just go for the ready-made ones. There are more than enough funny shirts to choose from.

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2. Romantic Shirts

True love comes from the heart, and no one can realize it when the person he or she is in love with isn't making it too obvious. Any marriage can be strengthened by a simple word such as, 'I love my husband' or 'I love my wife'. These quotes are printed on shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts and lastly, sweatshirts so that the brands available for sale meet more than enough customer's needs. They also allow customers to choose what is to be written on a shirt, T-shirt or a pullover depending on their preference.

3. Shirts For Pet Fanatics

Owning a pet is a better choice for anyone looking for a companion. The SunFrog Shirts Company considers every customer and is not leaving those who love pets out of the equation. There are more than enough T-shirts, shirts, and pullovers with motivation quotes for pet lovers.

The shirts also come with designs representing various body parts for specific pets. The shirts have cat paws, dog paws, ears and many more designs representing a particular pet. Among of the popular examples are quotes or phrases like, 'I love my dog', 'real men love cats', 'the more people I meet, the more I love my dog' and more.

Check Out SunFrogs Pet Collection

4. Cheap T Shirts

Sun Frog has everything in store for everyone. Most of the shirts are cheap and the ones that are considered to be higher priced are worth it according to customers. Most of the shirts range from 19 dollars to 30 dollars. See there whole collection here.

The Sunfrog Shirts Company Targets?

The SunFrog Shirts Company takes every need into consideration and bases its creation on the ever changing world. Various groups are coming into existence, societies are changing, and fashion has become unpredictable as the new generation is taking over.

The Company ensure that everyone, every society, groups, events, parties, and many other organized function's requests are met in time. It targets the new art world where signs, gestures and pictures speak louder than words. Among the popular targets of SunFrog Shirts are, groups such as dance groups, events such as fundraising events, individuals with specific needs and many others.

In summary, what SunFrogs shirts has been trying and trying to do is to venture into the customer's minds and try and figure out exactly what they prefer. They have a lot to offer when it comes better prices, remarkable designs, and creativity. The company is always open to new ideas and will always answer to any request without disappointments.

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