Hamilton Boys' High School - Term 3, Edition 1, August 2020

Nine Year 10 Leaders from Argyle House

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Deputy Headmaster, Mr Nigel Hotham, announced the 28 Year 10 Leaders that were appointed after a rigorous application and appointment process at the Year 10 formal assembly on Wednesday 22nd July. Nine of the 28 Year 10 Leaders announced are from Argyle House. Each student was called up on stage in the school hall to be presented with their badge by the Headmaster, Mrs Hassall, in front of the Year 10 cohort.

It is an honour to be appointed to this role and reflects positively on Argyle House with 32% of those leaders appointed coming from Argyle House despite making up only 8% of the Year 10 cohort. They will certainly add value to the role when carrying out the various tasks during terms 3 and 4. Congratulations boys.

L-R, Back Row: Johno O'Brien, Caelys-Paul Putoko, Rangiwai Lunjevich, Raharuhi Palmer, Iotia Teokotai.

L-R, Front Row: Joshua Wickers, Mac Russ, David So, Harrison Grainger

Term 3 is underway, Set Leave, Co-curricular Engagement, Winter Sport, Sonninghill Social and looking ahead to Senior Exams

Farewell to Mrs Shay-Lee Wylie

I would like to begin by taking this opportunity to thank our long-serving hostel parent representative on the hostel committee, Mrs Shay-Lee Wylie, for her service to Argyle House over many years. Shay-Lee's youngest son, Lachie (Year 13), left Grove at the end of term 2 to take on a tertiary opportunity at WINTEC this term.

Shay-Lee has provided wonderful support to many families over the years that have contacted her on a range of hostel matters. Shay-Lee has had an important role to play at our annual Argyle Open Day, New Boarders' Orientation Day, and has been present at Parent Meetings held each November.

On behalf of all parents, staff and boarders, I want to thank Shay-Lee for the valuable contribution she has made to our hostel by the way she has communicated to our current and prospective families. We wish Shay-Lee and her husband Pete all the very best for life as a parent beyond Argyle, in their home town of Te Kuiti. Shay-Lee will be invited to our Argyle Prizegiving in November so we can formally thank her.

Co-curricular Engagement Survey

Hostel Master, Mr Hayden Marrow, has just completed the engagement survey for all boys. The survey was completed as a google form on google classroom, that required all boys to enter their involvement in co-curricular activities this term. This may be a sport, cultural or club activity. Those few boys who are not actively engaged in an organised activity after school during the week will be identified and will have a 1:1 with a Master to select an activity of their choice to keep them occupied after school during the week. It is vital for the general well- being of all boys that they engage in the many opportunities available to them here at school. Idle boys become bored and make poor choices in and around the hostel.

Teacher Only Day Cancelled

I'd like to remind all families that the Ministry of Education Teacher Only Day scheduled for Wednesday 12th August has been cancelled. It will be a normal school day for us all.


Head Prefect, Harry Russ, and his Year 13 Prefects and Senior Leaders, are busy organising the Social with Sonninghill Hostel (Hamilton Girls' High School) to be held here in the Argyle dining room on Wednesday evening 12th August. The theme is "Sports", so all the boys and girls will be dressed up. It is always a special night and our boys go to a lot of trouble to make it a night to remember!

Winter Sports Photos

These are being taken in the hall on Friday 14th August.

Tauranga Boys'' College Sports Exchange

We are excited to be hosting this exchange here at school on Thursday 20th August, with 12 fixtures being played. With our other three annual exchanges cancelled due to COVID, it gives us an opportunity to compete against a fellow Super 8 school in the sports of Rugby, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Squash and Golf. The Rugby 1st XV Super 8 fixture that day is being televised live on Sky TV at 11.40am, so will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase our school that day.

Senior Exams

Mock exams for those studying NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 are scheduled to commence on Wednesday 9th September, concluding on Friday 18th September. All senior students can take study leave to study from home and come in for their exams. The other popular option is for the boys to complete a programme of staff-supervised study on-site in the hostel prep room each weekday morning. I will send out a newsletter with more details prior to senior exams.

Set Leave

The hostel closes at 5.30pm Friday evening 7th August and re-opens 5.30pm Sunday evening, 9th August.

Uniform and Personal Grooming expectations

Can you please ensure your son checks back in on Sunday evening or Monday morning with a regulation haircut, is clean-shaven and is wearing his travel uniform correctly. 99% of our boys wear their uniform correctly and present themselves as well-groomed young men on their return.

For the small few that choose not to, we have the 'Strike' consequence folder that has been operating all year, ready to record those that have let their hair grow, sign in with a top button undone on their white shirt, tie not sitting over the button, or have the wrong coloured socks on. Being proud of who our boys represent in the public eye is one of our greatest forms of advertising for Argyle House.

Uniform and grooming standards are continually reinforced at our weekly house meetings. Please have a conversation with your son around his needs. If his neck size has increased and he is struggling to do his top button up then please purchase a new white shirt for him. Can you also check that his hair length meets the standard and if not then can you organise a haircut for him when he comes home for the weekend. Your support is greatly appreciated by all staff. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing all our boys return safely on Sunday evening by 7.30am or by 8.00am Monday morning after the set leave weekend.

Enjoy your weekend.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind regards

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Welcome to our New Boarders in Term 3:

Tyron Hilton (Year 13, Tamahere, Hamilton)

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Otama Roberts (Year 12, Tairua)

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Bronson Curtis (Year 9, Tokoroa)

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Year 12 Dorm Leaders Term 3:

Dorm 1 (Year 11)

Dorm 2 (Year 10)

Dorm 3 (Years 9 & 10)

Dorm 4 (Year 9)

Intentions 2021

Thanks to the 90% of parents/caregivers that have returned their intentions form to Katrina already. Can the remaining families please download the attachment below then print, scan and return this form to Mrs Katrina McLaughlin by Friday, Friday 4th September. Thank you.

Wednesday dinner: Year 9 and Year 13 boarders eating together in the Argyle dining room

This is a new initiative in 2020, that came from our Head Prefect, Harry Russ and the Year 13 Prefects and Senior Leaders, as a way for the Year 13 boarders that reside at Grove to have more contact with the Year 9 boarders.

Each Wednesday evening, the two year levels will share tables at dinner time. This has been well received and has enabled our new boarders to get to know their senior role models better.

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Matthew Allen Cup Chess, Week 1 Term 3 - a Draw

Sutherland House won the junior competition and Bennett House won the senior competition.

A big thanks to Head Prefect, Harry Russ and Deputy Head Prefects, Lachie Roose and Aaron Couper, for organising a new ladder format to determine our top junior and senior players to represent us in the school house competition

Matthew Allen Cup Indoor Football, Thursday 30th July: Bennett House Wins 3 - 2

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Sutherland win the Year 9 game 1-0
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Bennett win the Year 10 game 2-1
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Bennett win the Year 11 game 2-0
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Bennett win the Year 12 game 1-0
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Sutherland win the Year 13 game 3-0
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Deputy Head Prefect, Lachie Roose (Year 13) from Bennett House, accepts the Lake Shield from Head of Sutherland, Cole Northcott, after winning the Matthew Allen Cup Indoor Football.

A big thank you to Grove Master, Mr Logan Asplin and Argyle Master, Mr Hayden Marrow, for overseeing and officiating the 5 games.

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Victory for Bennett House.

The Matthew Allen Cup is now locked up at 9 - 9.

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Hamilton BHS Chess, House Competition Event, Monday 27th - Friday 31st July. Argyle House 6th Place Overall

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Joshua Reihana (Year 9) in action during House Chess. Josh won his game.
Big picture
Sam Boros (Year 12, Prefect) in action. Sam won two of his matches over the week.
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Sam Boros has a support team around him as he takes on his opponent.

House Chess Official Results - see below

House Competition Results Update after 7 Events - see below

After placing 6th equal in the General Knowledge Quiz and 6th in Chess, Argyle House is now placed 2nd overall, but only 6 points behind the leaders, Wilson House. The revised, post-COVID House competition is very close with 9 points separating the top 3 houses.

There are 6 events remaining, with 42 points up for the taking:

1. Indoor Football (Weeks 3 & 4)

2. Tug-O-War (Week 4)

3. Indoor Rowing Ergs (Week 5)

4. Singing (Week 6)

5. Service (Week 8) - Concludes Tuesday 8th September

6. Haka (Week 10 - final week of term3 and the final event of the 2020 house competition

The competition is far from over and I know our Senior Leaders & Prefects will be doing their best to rally the boys to do their best in each of the remaining house events.

See the attachment below for a breakdown of the house points for each of the 7 events completed to date.

Friday morning breakfast in the Argyle dining room

The Year 9 tables appear happy to be eating their cooked breakfast of baked beans and poached eggs on Friday morning, 7th August! Some just opt for the continental breakfast of cereal, fruit and yoghurt, while others have both!!
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Argyle House students involved in the Hamilton BHS Open Day, Tuesday 4th August

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Alexander Nielsen (Year 12, 2nd from left) and Jack Broomfield (Year 11, far right) playing in the Hamilton BHS Pipe Band.
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Rupert Nielsen (Year 11, far left)
Big picture
The Hamilton BHS Pipe Band, with three Argyle House students, play to our visitors to the school at the Open Day.
Big picture
Thomas Verry (Year 11) and Jack Broomfield (Year 11) at the front of the Spanish presentation and display.
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Thomas Hayward (Year 12, Prefect) is a key member of the Hamilton BHS Aviation Club.

'Shave For A Cure'

Jack Broomfield (Year 11) and Aaron Couper (Year 13, Deputy Head Prefect) are taking part in the 'Shave For A Cure' on Thursday 13th August.

This year, more than 30 students and staff are taking part in the event. The event is held on the 13th of August in the school hall, and all students are encouraged to come and watch.

There is also an official HBHS page on the shave for a cure website where donations are welcome.

All the funds raised go towards Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. We would like to encourage all students and their parents to donate towards this great cause. The boys can donate on the day or at the school shop.

Please support Aaron and Jack.

Thank you for your support

Cole Northcott

Prefect, HBHS Service Committee.

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Aaron Couper
Big picture
Jack Broomfield

Howard Mitchell (van driver), awaits the boys' arrival from school for their afternoon tea in the dining room before he commences his van runs.

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Front field game of Touch

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These junior boarders stop their game of Touch out on the field in front of the hostel to pose for a newsletter photo! Front field Touch is a favourite pastime for many of our boys.

Sport is underway at Hamilton BHS:

Rugby 1st XV win their opening Super 8 fixture 26-16 vs New Plymouth BHS, in New Plymouth, Saturday 25th July

Big picture
The four Argyle House members of the Hamilton BHS 1st XV after the final whistle of their game against NPBHS played on the Gully ground. L-R: George Reeves (Year 12, Prefect), Tyron Hilton (Year 13), Shinya Komura (Year 13, Japan), Tyler McNutt (Year 13, from Opunake, Taranaki)

Rugby U14A win their first fixture of the WSS U15 Division 1 competition vs Tokoroa HS, Saturday 25th July

Big picture
Nine of the 22 players are from Argyle House. The boys are all smiles after winning the first game of the season, and their first time wearing the red and black jersey of Hamilton BHS:

L-R: Cam Moorby (Head Coach & Grove Assistant Master), Joshua Reihana, Jake Rabarts, Keaton Reti, Marco Miln, Preston Brydon, Joshua Wickers, Hendrik Roux, Jesse Humberstone-Kara, Nikau Dromgool, Murray McKenzie (Assistant Coach)

Gus Nelson (Year 12 Prefect) receives a hockey ball to the face when playing for the 1st XI

Big picture
Gus is a key member of the Hamilton BHS 1st XI Hockey team. The injury is held together by glue and tape!

Mrs Tasi Leofo, Catering Assistant

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Mrs Tasi Leofo had a birthday while working here last week. The lunchtime Duty Master, Mr Fraser Kilgour, had the boys stand and sing "happy birthday" to her. Tasi has been working in the Argyle kitchen for 23 years. She is well-loved by all boys and staff.

Man Of The Week

Tyler McNutt (Year 13): Week 2 Term 3

Big picture
Being named 'The Best Defensive Player of the Day' for the Hamilton BHS Rugby 1st XV when playing Palmerston North BHS in a hard-fought 17-10 victory on Saturday 1st August.

Title Vijitchareonmeung (Year 9): Week 1 Term 3

Big picture
Being awarded three green (positive) referrals for the quality of his school work.

Man of the Weekend

This is a new initiative proposed by our Weekend Matron, Ms Holly Pass. The $5 canteen voucher is awarded at our weekly Tuesday evening House meeting to the most helpful boarder over the weekend. It may not be awarded every weekend.

Mit Treewattanasuwan (Year 9), Week 2 Term 3

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Mit always acknowledges Holly in passing. Mit is always the one at his dining room table that sprays and wipes his whole table down afterwards without being asked. He also took a big brother role this weekend and played table tennis with Holly's son JJ, which was very kind of him. JJ just loved the attention!

School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from School:

HBHS High Achiever

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Wednesday 5th August

To our HBHS whānau

We have printed copies of our Term 4 2019 Christmas Edition and the latest combined Term 1 & 2 High Achiever available for delivery.

If you would like a copy (or copies) of these keepsakes, please send your postal address to with High Achiever in the subject line, and let me know how many copies of each you would like.

We hope you enjoy our coverage of our high achievers.

Ngā mihi

Wendy Moffitt

Publications, Website, and Media Manager

HBHS Career Updates

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 31st July

HBHS Career Updates

Waikato Careers Expo - To be held at Claudelands Event Centre, Sunday, August 23rd, 10.00am - 3.00pm. All of the universities, Wintec and trades will be there.

University news

Otago University will host an information evening for students and parents at HBHS on Thursday, August 6th in the school hall.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to find out about courses, accommodation, scholarships, etc.


Scholarships are now open for all of the universities. Closing dates vary during August and early September.

Students need to apply for a university course before they can apply for a scholarship.

Boys can access help from their HBHS landing page on Google.

Click on the Career Central icon and log in using your HBHS google log in and password.

There is a resource tab at the top of the student's individualised Career Central homepage.

There are useful tabs down the left-hand side, including one for scholarships. There are tips and links to university scholarship pages as well as links to Moneyhub and studyspy. Both have large scholarship databases.

University Accommodation

University accommodation applications open on August 1st. The exception to this is AUT whose applications open on October 1st (they operate on a first-in, first-served policy)

All applications are done online. Once a student has applied for Halls accommodation, the university will contact our year 13 Dean who will fill out a confidential referees report. This forms part of the application, the student does not need to approach the Dean as it is sent automatically.

Students may have to apply for a university course before they can apply for accommodation (this can be amended at any time)

University Course Selection and Enrolments

The universities will send representatives to HBHS to assist students with course selection and enrolments. Students will receive an invitation to these events via a google form.

Otago University Friday, August 7th at 1.30pm

AUT University Tuesday, August 18th at 9.00am

Waikato University Thursday, August 20th at 10.00am

Canterbury University Friday, August 21st at 12.30pm

Victoria University Tuesday, August 25th at 9.00am

Massey University Wednesday, August 26th at 9.00am

Auckland University Thursday, August 27th at 10.00am

Lincoln University Monday, September 7th at 12.30pm

Waikato University virtual open day, online August 13th and 14th, 2.00pm - 7.00pm. Information sessions, tours etc

You can register for this now Registration for Waikato University Virtual Open Day

Please check the HBHS Careers Facebook page for useful information. The events section includes university open day events and online seminars.

HBHS Careers Facebook page

University Open Days coming up

Otago University

Monday, August 10th

9.00am - 3.30pm

(no registration required)

Victoria University

Friday, August 21st

8.00am - 3.00pm

Register for open day

Canterbury University

Thursday, August 27th

register for open day

Wintec Open Day

Friday, August 28th

9.00am - 1.00pm

Registration for open day

Auckland University Open Day

Saturday, August 29th

9.00am - 2.00pm

Register for open day

Auckland University Open Day online

Tuesday 25th - Thursday 27th August

6.00pm - 9.00pm

AUT Open Day

Saturday, August 29th

9.00am - 3.00pm

Register for open day

Massey University Open Day

Wellington Campus

Friday, August 21st

Register for open day

Massey University Open Day

Manawatu Campus

Friday, September 11th

Register for open day

Massey University Open Day

Auckland Campus

Saturday, September 12th

Register for open day

Massey Virtual Open Days

September 4th and 5th

Register for open day

Lynnette Ross
TIC Careers - STAR Co-ordinator

NCEA Revision Seminar

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Monday 27th July

NCEA Revision Seminar - Tuesday, 11th August

Presenter: Alan Reilly - ‘The Art of Learning’

Venue: HBHS School Study Centre

Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Parents are warmly invited to attend our NCEA Revision Seminar. Research clearly shows that one of the most important determinants of student success at school is parental involvement, but many parents don’t know how to get involved effectively.

To help with this, Hamilton Boys’ High School is inviting parents to a free, ninety minute seminar on Tuesday Evening, 11th August, that will show parents how they can support their children’s learning at home and help them to develop more resilience and achieve greater success at school.

Presenter Alan Reilly has been running ‘The Art of Learning’ workshops for many years with the 'Art of Learning' business and our own students reporting significant shifts in their learning and achievement after participating in these workshops. Mr Reilly has an established history of creditable seminars that have generated many positive responses from schools within New Zealand and overseas.

Parents, please express your interest via email to

Jeremy Quigley
Middle School Academic Mentor

Shave for a Cure

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Monday 27th July

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Hamilton Boys' High School annual "Shave for a Cure" is back!

This year, more than 30 students and staff are taking part in the event. The event is held on the 13th of August in the school hall, and all students are encouraged to come and watch.

All the funds raised go towards Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. We would like to encourage all students and their parents to donate towards this great cause. The boys can donate on the day or at the school shop.

There is also an official HBHS page on the shave for a cure website where donations are welcome.

Thank you for your support.

HBHS Service Committee.

Mobile Dentist

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Thursday 23rd July

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Due to the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mobile Dentists did not see the Year 9 students.

It was not possible for them to remain onsite for another school term as this would have been another interruption to the management of the student's academic studies.

If your son experiences tooth pain, please contact a dentist or ring the 0800 Talk Teeth line.

Year 10 Camps 2020

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Wednesday 22nd July

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please find attached information regarding the upcoming Year 10 Camps for 2020.

All forms need to be returned to the School Shop before 28th August.

Thank you
Q West

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


HBHS School Detentions

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Tuesday 21st July

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Starting this week we will be running our faculty detentions each day from Monday to Thursday for a period of one hour, immediately after school. These detentions will take place in the Study Centre above the school reception office.

We have decided to run this system because sometimes faculty detentions overlap. This will ensure that the students will be able to attend their detention on the set day.

After school detentions will be held at least one day after the infraction, to allow the student time to notify parents and arrange transportation home. Failure to attend a faculty detention will result in the detention being increased, or placed on a Saturday morning detention.

All detentions take priority over extra curricular activities/trainings.

Kind regards

HBHS Executive

HBHS Term 1 and 2 High Achiever

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Friday 3rd July

To our HBHS whānau

We hope you enjoy our first newsletter for 2020 and our coverage of the past two terms.

Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday, stay safe, and we hope to see you all again in Term 3.

Ngā mihi

Wendy Moffitt

Publications Manager

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


NCEA Update

Emailed out to all families by the school on Friday 5th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Ministry of Education has recently made a few changes that will affect the structure of NCEA in 2020 due to COVID 19. To this end, NZQA has released the following statement to help understand these changes.

To help address this and support students, the following changes are being made to NCEA and University Entrance (UE) requirements for this year:

  • Students working towards an NCEA can gain additional credits, based on the number of credits they achieve during the 2020 school year. These additional credits will be known as Learning Recognition credits. For every 5 credits a student achieves towards their NCEA either through internal or external assessment, they are entitled to an additional 1 credit. Students at NCEA Level 1 are eligible for up to a maximum of 10 additional credits while those at Levels 2 and 3 are eligible for up to a maximum of 8 additional credits.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate endorsement if they achieve 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, rather than the usual 50. Students achieving 12 credits at Merit or Excellence level in a course – rather than 14 – will be awarded a course endorsement.
  • Current UE requirements have been reduced from 14 to 12 credits in three UE-approved subjects. Students still need to attain NCEA Level 3 and meet literacy and numeracy requirements to be awarded University Entrance.
  • External NCEA examinations and NZ Scholarship examinations will now take place from 16 November 2020 to 9 December 2020. This will provide extra time for teaching, learning and assessment in Term 4.
  • The submission date for subjects which require students to submit a portfolio (for example, Design and Visual Communications) has been extended to 12 November 2020, to give students more time to complete their portfolios.

These changes have been designed to encourage students to continue working towards their NCEA and to ensure that the NCEA attained by this school year is just as valid as those earned in previous years.

Ngā mihi
Phil Basel

Our Argyle House Parent Representative for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mr Alistair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email