9-1-1- Water!

A water bottle a day, keeps the earths doctors away!!!

Goal: To donate 750 bottled waters to Flint

In St. Bernard of Clairvaux, we are doing an event which you have to donate water. Not for us, but for the city of Flint, Michigan. If you didn't know, the city of Flint has poisoned water and we are here to help them. Donate at least 1 bottled water to school to help the people in Flint. Be a hero!!!


To show love and kindness to people so it can make the people in Flint lives easier. In the spirit of Earth Week, we can come together and make a huge difference for the city of Flint's crisis.

Monday, April 11th, 8:45am to Thursday, April 21st, 3:15pm

3345 Escada Drive

Mississauga, ON