Mary Dyer

Not just my ancestor...

What's this about?

In this s'more you will learn about Mary Dyer. You will hear about who she was and what she did. You will learn that she was a strong women and a good one too. Mary Dyer deserved more respect. You'll learn where Mary came from, where she lived, who she married, and what she did. I chose Mary Dyer for my project because I want to learn more about her. I've heard stories about her and I wanted to learn more about her life. My mom told me things about Mary I never knew now it's time I share that with you!

When was Mary born? What was her life like?

Mary Dyer, grew up as Marie Barrett was born in 1611. The place of her birth is not known, but she was married in London 1633 to William Dyer. Mary Dyer's parents both were probably dead when she was very young. Mary had an older brother who also died when Mary was young. Mary had 2 children after she got married to William Dyer. Mary sailed to New England 1635 with her husband. ( Wikipedia)

What was her religon like?

Mary was a healer she helped sick or injured people. Quakers don't believe in baptism, formal prayer,or ordained ministry. Quakers are members of religous groups and Christian movements. Mary helped a women give birth, but the women had a deformed baby. Mary was blamed for helping the women have a deformed baby. Mary had certain methods that Quakers used to heal people that other people thought were threatening. ( Wikipedia)

Who was Mary's mentor?

Anne Hutchinson was Mary Dyer's mentor. Anne supported ministers she also help colony meetings at her home. Mary and her husband were strong advocates of Anne. Anne stood up for herself but, she was then hung because she was different than others. She broke laws and she stood up to the colony leaders. (Wikipedia)

What was her Execution like?

Mary Dyer Quaker. She was a good women. It was her religon that killed her. June 1st 1660 Boston commons, Massachusetts bay colony. Mary Dyer was hung in front of the entire colony. She never wanted to die, but she never wanted to not be a Quaker. To her and all Quakers she did nothing wrong. To many people Quakerism was like witchcraft. Mary was hung in front of her children and her husband and her friends. She was hung on the branch of a large tree along with 2 other people June 1st 1660. ( reader's digest) (Wikipedia)

Fun facts

Mary Dyer was a very interesting women! She did many things good and bad, Mary was an important part of history. If there was no Mary Dyer... I wouldn't be here. Mary dyer is my 9th great grandmother!!!! Quakers had many punishments: whipping, getting ears cut off, hanging, and Imprisonment/torture. Mary was one out of four Quakers known as martyrns. Mary Dyer's memorial can be visited in Boston to this day! On the memorial it reads:" My life not avalith me to liberty and the truth."You can go see Mary's memorial and remember that she was someone who stood up for what she believed in! ( ( Wikipedia)
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